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Soft serve! 🍦 Even though it was super chilly. Cos lilac/lavender, how could I turn it down? So pretty 💜💜

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Hi! I'm Raine Lee ♥
2nd February #Aquarius ʕ´•á´¥•`ʔ

Hopeless romantic. Good listener. Makeup junkie. Animal lover. Wanderlust.
Foodie. Sweet tooth. Shopaholic. Spendthrift (hoping to be able to cross this one out asap!)
Semi-retired party animal (lol geez)

Infatuated w beach life. Passionate fr photography. Loves all pretty things.
Devoted to techno & trance. Enchanted by midnight drives, travels, & raves.

Nt yr ordinary girl that's into romance movies, I'm thrilled fr thriller :O

Tbh I'm not very good w “About Me's” so if you're somehow intrigued to know more, I can agree w most of the tweets here. Or, you can simply ask me.

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