N's Birthday | Blackbyrd (not gonna revisit)


8/8 - I chose Blackbyrd KL cause.. hype? But regretted it, & you'll find out why as you continue reading...

Thank you @ay.favourite for sponsoring the delicious mango x peach tea cake. It was yums :3

Changed seats several times cause.. upon making reservation via WhatsApp beforehand, the PIC said that our group of 9 couldn't be seated together due to SOP. Ok, totally understandable.

The best seating nearest to the KLCC view is max 2 person per table,

So I googled & sent this image saying I want this area instead (since it's the next best that seats 3 per table). Just nice right, for 9. But the PIC insisted that the middle table has to be empty due to SOP & if I wanted to invite more than 6, we'd have to sit far from each other.

I said okay, 6 pax then & transferred the deposit. PIC gave me a confirmation for the left & right table.

Upon reaching, first thing I saw was the middle table being occupied by a couple lol. I could've invited my 3 other friends, made it 9 pax since the beginning without all these unnecessary hassle.

Not forgetting to mention, service was bad as well. Waiter that served our table looked like he wasn't happy to work there.

Cocktails were mediocre, I can easily find better ones at random speakeasies.

This Wild Mushroom soup looks like bkt LOL & it tasted so weird, didn't even finish it. Yeah it's quite bad wtf.

I like the flavor & texture of this Cripsy Nori Crunch but unfortunately the salmon & ikura was not fresh. Otherwise it'd be really nice.

I don't even feel like elaborating on the other dishes cause they're all not fresh, except for my Pan-Seared Chilean Seabass. Flavors are there, but idk why they use ingredients that seem like they've been frozen for weeks. Beef was chewy, lobster meat was hard, just to name a few.

Even the lime wasn't fresh, can you imagine? Can't even squeeze it, just straight up dry.

Burnt sweet potato fries. They can't even get that right wtf.

They call this their "Unagi Japanese Rice" *facepalm* So misleading. Might as well call it Salmon Japanese Rice. KM asked the waiter if he was served the wrong dish & the waiter said, "it's correct, there are little bits of unagi in the rice" but he can't seem to find any LOL.

I'm usually not very picky w food so when even I can say it's bad, it's gotta be reallyy bad. Almost order their wagyu but luckily I didn't, cause I recently had 2kgs of wagyu w friends so sudd a bit jelak.

Good dessert in the end hahah.

Thanks for coming! Hehe.

The gift that I got for Nick - Hermes Clic HH Bracelet. Super hard to find this color combo (black & gold) for the new men's version cause it's always sold out & they're never sure when stocks will replenish. So ya I searched high & low for a month wtf and managed to get it just in time.

Glad he likes it :) I'm a big fan of Hermes bracelets & now we get to twin ♡

Happy birthday to my best baby! Wish you happiness & success :3 You deserve all the good things. I admire you for your good heart, love you.