3rd Anniversary | Sushi Oribe

24/7 — Nick & I's 3rd anni ^__^ ♡

Honestly didn't realize it was a good date haha he just randomly asked me to be his gf back then without "choosing" any date. Later on I was like "eh? I can caption this photo Love you 24/7" & that was when I was surprised. I also started to notice many people pick this particular date to get engaged or have their ROM :O

Anyways back to the topic~

We went for omakase @ Sushi Oribe to celebrate.

I love Japanese food A LOT & have this cuisine very often but it was only recently I was able to accept eating raw fish. He doesn't eat raw food either except very few types of sashimi so we're new & are noobs to this :b

Lovely bouquet from him ♡

Here are the chef's selections that we tasted. Didn't know I'd enjoy it this much! Everything was super fresh. My top favorites are the flounder fin & unagi. The flounder fin bursts in the mouth w flavor & the unagi has a nice smoky taste. Bf's favs are the flounder fin as well, & Amberjack.


Anniversary dessert variety specially prepared for us :) The hojicha ice cream wafer was really nice, pleasant way to end the course.


Gotta say that I am converted! I loveee eating raw food now haha. The chefs were very friendly & interactive, it was nice that they were making sure we had a good time :) Fast service from the waitstaff. Looking forward to try out more omakase places.

Thank you baby for your love, care, & patience all these while. You pamper me a lot & make me feel like the luckiest girl everyday! Through everything we'll stick together as I promised okie.

To many more milestones ♡

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