Couples Trip to Bali


Throwback to last September in beautiful Bali w Nick, Desmond, & Adeline - our spontaneous couples trip ♡

Initially asked them where they'd like to stay & what they'd want to do but the guys' answer was "anything" o_o So Adeline & I planned the itinerary. It was our first time haha glad it went well tho! Cause the guys preferred to just go there & see where the journey takes us wtf but I prefer to be organized otherwise we'd wake up late, laze around, & probably end up not exploring that much.

Day 1



As you can see, haven't reach aso I started to be hyper already haha.


We're here!




Checked in our villa & I was instantly in love. It was so pretty, so my type, & comfortable.

Private pool for each couple :) Probably my fav part. Received many msgs regarding this place. It's called La Vie Honeymoon Villa. Priced @ MYR2000 excluding tax (per villa, all the same size) for 4 nights.

First up, lunch! Went to a vegan cafe - Balibola Cafe.

Food & drinks were great. They don't only look pretty. I was excited when I saw the pink mac & cheese. Highly recommended. I'd go there again.

Coffee Corner~

Damar Terrace, Ayana Resort. We loved the food, except Nick he said it's mediocre.

Day 2

Breakfast in the villa ♡

Got picked up & was brought to try the famous Kopi Luwak, among other interesting flavors. I liked the vanilla coffee.

My favorite people :D

Tegenungan Waterfall. Didn't enjoy this place cause there were soo many humans.


Off to Blue Lagoon for snorkeling!


Thanks for taking care of me throughout the entire trip :3

I love this pic cause we look so awkward hahaha.


Happy feet.


Ntg to see here except butts.

Hehe seldom take these kinda sweetsweet pix, don't mind us :x

Everyone was exhausted so decided to stay in & order room service then call it a night. Their Chicken Cordon Bleu *thumbs up* while Adeline & Des had steak next door. She ran over & gave me a bite to try cause she said it's very nice haha cutie.

Day 3

It's "wake up late & make use of the villa's pool" day! :b When I flipped the catalog & saw the floats, I asked "baby, can I have a float?" He was like "ok, choose la" ♡ & of course I had to pick the colorful unicorn!

Pulled them for some mandatory float shots, heh.


Had so much fun, just love to chill :D


I was surprised that he'd jump like this haha. He turned out to be the most adventurous one, wow.


Body & legs so long zomok~

Bruschetta & juice is love.


Got changed & out for lunch! Tried bebek for the first time that day.

Sadly forgot the name of the shop, ahhh.

Bebek is fried duck & we didn't plan to like it this much wtf. Supposed to try just once but we ended up going a few more times haha. There were also squid, prawns, fried fish. But our fav is of course the bebek.

Next up, Beachwalk Shopping Centre. But it was boring there. Got excited when I saw Sour Sally tho cause I tried before years ago when I was in Jakarta. Sadly I picked the wrong toppings & ruined the whole dessert haha.



Sunset dinner @ Breeze, The Samaya, Seminyak.

One of the things I love most~ So romantic.

Walk along the beach after dinner :) Aurora Wrap Dress from Chixxie.

Day 4

More bruschetta, yes please :3 It was so nice to be served breakfast everyday like this.

My granola bowl was yums too.

Grabbed a few snacks to eat in the car whilst otw to Bali Swing. This was my first pick to tear open.

Entry was MYR150 per head if you're curious. Serenity Maxi Dress from Chixxie (again :b)

Happy that I managed to get some nice pictures (:


Us ♡


Definition of supportive friends (hear background sound haha).


This was the more extreme version for the swing. It's much higher, hence we had to equip those stuffs.


Resting w a cup of yucky bubble tea from the stall nearby lol~ Super tiring ok haha had to queue.

Seafood dinner time. This one's the guys' pick, they randomly asked the driver what's good. Otherwise the initial plan was to go to Cocoon Beach Club.


Lub u ^~^



We actually went for a walk around our villa during late night to see what's available & were so happy to have found bebek omg hahaha.

The fried tofu, yums.

Day 5

Last breakfast at the villa. I've been missing this villa so much.


Checked out and.. I'm @ the famous Pak Malen! It was almost full house.

First try babi guling. Assorted pork on a plate. Put some sweet sauce on top & it was heaven haha. The soup was kinda spicy but okay also. Sadly we only tried this during our last day & we were gna go back to Malaysia already :(

Back to Day 3's bebek place before we leave to the airport lolol you must be so bored of seeing these bebek pix already gomenasai!

Lost count on how many times I drank Bintang beer but it's a must when you're in Indonesia!

Airport. Flight got delayed few hrs.


Draw a heart for youuu hehe.

& that concludes our Bali trip! Will I go back again? Definitely! Since I missed out on the beach clubs this time around, shall remember to put it into the next itinerary. Honestly this is one of the most memorable trips for me & I'm grateful ♡