Melbourne, Australia

There are quite a few things on my to-do list this month which's not even close to being completed. Disadvantages of being a procrastinator *face palm* Anyways, got back from Australia several weeks ago so I'ma share some pix & short vids :)

8 hrs flight. Sit till butt pain.

I was in love w their style of French toast. Craving it right now why isn't it available here~

Squid salad.

My choice; salted caramel :b There wasn't a queue during the day but at night when we passed by this shop again we saw loads of people.

Random snap. Bimbo me has no idea what this is lol. I was blur throughout the whole trip when it came to buildings & such. Never really interested in architecture.



Melbourne Graffiti Laneways.

Dinner ♡ What I enjoyed most abt Melbourne is probably the food & drinks haha.

Drinks all day errday :x

Simple breakfast during car ride to Great Ocean Road. Apricot Danish pastry.


Stopped for proper meal @ The Bottle of Milk.

Apparently it's famous but I think it's below average o_o The burgers were extremely dry. No sauce at all & patties weren't even juicy to compensate for that *shrugs*

Great Ocean Road. Beautiful sights.

This koala is awake!

Really awesome feeling. Watching the horizon under the blue skies. Sunset after ♡ while sipping Aussie beer & eating Lamingtons, fruits, chips.

Made a friend in the morning.



More GOR things.

White chocolate raspberry > Whisky cream *thinking emoji*

Fish & chips by the sea ♡ Although there were also scallops & oysters, cause we ordered the platter.


Our rented car. & one of the places we stayed. Throughout this 10-days trip we changed places like 7x. & standard checkout time was 10AM instead of the usual 12-1PM in KL. I woke up at 8AM everyday to get ready + pack. Was tiring but managed to explore more.

Hearty homecook dinner.

Famous scallop pie.


Kangaroos! We were lucky cause at the time of the year baby joeys could be seen.

I know I'm jakun but these are my first churros. Haha losing virginity in Aus even when these could be found in KL. 10/10 would eat again.

Discovered a new favorite. I don't even like milk to begin with. I'd drink strawberry milk but maybe once every 3 years for fun o_o But I fell in love instantly w this honeycomb milk. Did some research & found out that they sell this in Jaya Grocer & I've bought 5 cartons up to date lol.

First time having oysters as well :x Never had the guts before this, always thought they're very geli lol. No regrets tho haha. Very fresh. Even the prawns & crawfish were yums. I want moreee.


Who says you can't have cupcake for breakfast? ;)

I'm a good girl I don't gamble.

Drinks by the river. Was super breezy, loved it.

Took some selfies haha. Entire outfit from Chixxie!

Continue more next time.

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