Mon Chaang Thai Tea @ Sunway Pyramid

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Fans of Thai tea, there's a new place just fr you! :)

Mon Chaang had just recently open in AEON @ Sunway Pyramid, originated from Thailand itself & they are serving delicious tea of many variants at super affordable prices everyday!

Quality is actually really good, their tea is thick & creamy. I honestly dislike diluted drinks very much. Had a few bad experiences here & thr w diluted drinks that I felt wasn't worth my money but here at Mon Chaang, you can be assured that'll not happen. In fact, their beverages are so flavorful that you gotta wait fr the ice to melt a bit if you don't enjoy drinks that are too sweet but fret not! You can always request fr less sugar, & they'll substitute w more tea fr you! :)

Made of aromatic tealeaves imported from Thailand itself, the drinks do have a special taste in them. 1. Thai Milk Red Tea (their bestseller), 2. Thai Milk Green Tea, 3. Thai Milk Rose Tea, 7. Thai Milk Tea & Coffee (Cham), 13. Thai Lime Red Tea, 14. Thai Lime Green Tea.

My favorite is 2. Thai Milk Green Tea. Personally liking the 7. Thai Milk Tea & Coffee (Cham) as well. The Lime series tasted peculiar at first, probably cos I've never mixed these kinda tea w lime before but was pretty refreshing. Didn't get to try the Lime Rose Tea this time around, but looking forward to on my next stop~

Assorted imported snacks that you can grab as a combo set to enjoy yr drink with! (^__^)

One of the key ingredients to their tasty milk tea beverages is condensed milk! You can opt fr the hot drinks too btw.

Don't forget to drop by & give em a try! ;) They are located @ Floor LG2 inside AEON, Sunway Pyramid whilst their first branch is in Menara Citibank, Jalan Ampang.

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Happy New Year!

Celebrated w the important ones. Heart you all (。♥‿♥。)

It's very clear to me what I wanto achieve in 2018. Feeling that this year would be a great year. Positive vibes only. がんばて~


+ a little #throwback to Xmas w my baby N. First couple tee ever, hehe.

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