We Had Fire In Our Eyes, In the Beginning

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Haven't updated in like.. 2 months :/ Gosh, I miss my blog. During my inactivity, I tried to find myself. Progress? Finally realized smtg today. Actually realized it last month but this time it hit me even harder. I don't have to find myself, I just gotta change fr the better. Else I will never be happy.

Just last month, I lost both my grandfather & my aunt. Till nw we're all still in disbelief.


I am stubborn, I am childish, I am not contented.

I admit all my flaws & I am well aware of em. But it's not easy to change being like this fr almost 27 years now. I just hope people understand me. I hope people are patient w me & have kind hearts towards me. I know someday somehow I can do it. I just need time.

I know I can find my smile back. Just give me some time.
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