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Yesterday was a tiring yet happy day :3 Cos I finally got to meetup w my bb Nanaaa (@ Pavilion x Starhill), after so many months of nt seeing her T___T

Exhausting cos my sleeping pattern has been weird lately. I wake up every few hrs automatically *rolls eyes* It's like thr's so much on my mind? I guess. Hoping this strange "routine" will leave ASAP...

& my eyes were red/semi swollen, gg. She looks better than ever tho! (♥‿♥ ) Didn't manage to do a lot although we had everything planned out lol. We were too bloated even fr smtg as normal as dessert & coffee. Ate too much @ Suki-Ya (Jap buffet) :x Nt rly that much actually but our appetites are small so... we just went shopping all the way kinda, then drinks after. I was alcohol-free tho, instead I drank vitamin water ;) The world has changed. Lol. Trying to cut down on alco means.

No choice ;/ 1) Priorites, 2) Skin condition getting really bad, it's never been like this before sigh. You've no idea how much water I spammed today lol.

Few things on my "new" #wishlist btw hmmm~ *thinking emoji* One of em being..

This (♥‿♥ ) Diorama WOC in silver-tone metallic perforated calfskin leather w micro-cannage motif. Phew, that's long lol. I'm in love love love. It's time I get a small bag/clutch thingy. Planning to buy it this month. Musttt! & yep, that's my new Samsung S8+ ♥♥ I chose black. Adore the phone lots :)

Looking forward to our next meetup, let's not drift apart pleaseee.
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