38% Discount Off Tealive Via 8excite Super Deals

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Tonight I'm here again to let you guys know bout my own personal experience using the 8excite app & website :) Which is super easy to use btw, & extremely self explanatory.

If you've read my posts here & here, you'd alrdy know what 8excite is all abt. It's a platform that lets you shop fr vouchers at majorly slashed prices, discounted up till 99% :O Fr lots of restaurants, cafes, spas, hair salons, beauty salons, cinemas, prepaid topups, groceries, car detailing, gyms, even theme parks & more. You name it! Thr's definitely smtg for everyone :O

I picked Tealive cos it's been sometime since I last drank my fav Roasted Milk Tea addon those chewy yummy pearls :)

Email received indicating that my purchase is successful & that my voucher will be in my 8excite account via the mobile app.

Arrived Tealive @ Paradigm Mall.

Super casual #ootd fr the day;
Basic black tee - Topshop
Ripped denim shorts - X
Belt - Louis Vuitton
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelet - Hermes
Bag - Chanel

Credits to my lil bro Lim Zheng fr taking this pic. He's great @ taking photos, nt much training needed hahaha. Just a few simple directions & he managed to snap a good one alrdy. & yep, he accompanied me thr :)

RM0?! Here's how! Trust me, it's really simple.

1. Go to the 8excite website/download the 8excite mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.
2. Type Tealive in the search bar.
3. Click 'Buy Now'.
4. Select yr payment method, then click 'Pay Now'.
5. Open yr 8excite mobile app & press 'Vouchers' at the bottom, then 'My Vouchers'.
6. Press on yr Tealive voucher but DO NOT click redeem. Instead, go to a Tealive outlet of yr choice & let the cashier scan the QR Code & redeem it fr you.
7. Enjoy yr purchase!

Mhmm, that's it! So Lim paid RM2 (instead of RM3 bcos he had 100 EP in his account, will explain more below) fr a RM6.50 value worth of drink (he ordered a regular Sparkling Lychee w 3Q Jelly). 53% off ;) If you have EP (Excite Points), even better! You can pay fr what you want w EP.

Basically -

Spend more = earn EP, enjoy more amazing savings & rewards from 8excite! 100 EP (RM1). So if you have 300 EP fr example = Yr Tealive drink is free. Catch the drift? You can also redeem discount vouchers fr hotel buffets & whatnot w EP.

How to earn easy EP? Get yr friends/followers to sign up on 8excite using yr referral code & you are automatically entitled to 100 EP extra per person. Dayum.

You get 100 EP yrself too upon signing up of course. So check them out now! :) My referral code is UTH72T8 if you wish to use it. Happy shopping, people! ♥
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