Super Spontaneous Trip to Malacca

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14th Apr; was @ PLAY Club fr a trance nightout during Paul Van Dyk's tour to KL. His set finished @ like.. 3AM? But we stayed till almost 4 cos thr were many bottles left still. Then, in the car otw to Mcd fr breakfast--

R: B, when you wna bring me go see crocodile?
A: Later lo?
R: Serious? :O
D: Whr oh?
A: Malacca.
D: Kia lo.
R: Wa serious ah you all? What time? So late dy nw cannot wake up le.
A: 12PM?
R: Make it 1PM leave hse.
D: Eh onss.

Lol. Tbh I alrdy expected to ffk :X Set alarm before I slept at bout 7. Surprisingly I was able to wake up & was quite energetic while Ade slept like a pig LOL. & if you're wondering why crocodiles, um.. I have a pretty strange fascination w em. I watch documentaries bout them, I enjoy their fail/attack videos. Basically I'm terrified yet fascinated in a way, know what I mean? I'm weird :X

Before I start, in case you get confused, Ade = Adenauer. Adeline = Adeline. Okay? Ade is nt short form fr Adeline LOL. They are 2 diff people.

So, off we go to Malacca without even knowing which hotel to stay. Ade was googling during the car ride & considering Hatten, Majestic, Bayview and asked me if I was okay w them, I said anything lol. He then decided to call Rishi who's from Malacca fr suggestions & Rishi was like "eh you crazy ah whr gt ppl come Malacca stay these typa hotels one" & recommended a nice, clean, super affordable boutique hotel that's near Jonker Street.

K.. green eyes really don't suit this platinum blonde hair (~__~;) & my lips looks like it's bleeding lol. Love it.

Wish I have this in my own bedroom haha.

Rested fr a few mins & headed out to Jonker Walk fr food. First stall that caught our eyes; Lamb BBQ.

Ade's lamb kebab. Quite pricey fr the size.

My lamb slices. Chose black pepper fr sauce ♥ If nt mistaken it was RM19. Pricey but delicious.

Refreshing drinks on a hot evening.

Char kuey teow. They said they can find better ones in KL.

Or chien. I didn't try this, I don't eat oyster.

Cheese oysters. The smell was no joke, I almost faint (・□・;)

Gyoza, from a Japanese stall.

Taiwan popcorn chicken. I put lotsa pepper in this. Pepper is love.

Coconut icecream. Forgot how much but it was pricey & didn't have coconut taste in it. Just like regular vanilla. Kena con rawrrr. If you see this, don't buy!

Adeline & I were disappointed at this point of time cos when we were in the car before that, we spotted a shop that sells durian mochi (her choice) & durian soft serve (my choice). Noob us tried to find the shop again but failed badly. Ade & Des were like, "you two sure you saw what you saw?" Duh, if nt hallucinating meh *facepalm* So end up we didn't get our durian loves fr the night.

Went back to the hotel cos I was sleep deprived, really wanted to have a power nap. Ade went fr a massage. Woke up & it's food time again :D Rishi brought us out.

Yummy noodles, I wna have this again!

Desmond's curry mee which he praised as well.

I fell in love w these chicken wings. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Didn't expect much from roadside food but they proved me wrong :) Recommended! Located next to Perfume Dimension Lounge (Jalan Melaka Raya 2).

Next up, Ade & Rishi's friend's bar fr drinks. I forgot the name of the bar fml. When Raine doesn't check in on Swarm = auto gg. & I'm more into Guinness draft these days.

Darts! :D Haven't played in so long. Here's my serious bf aiming lol.

I was Player 1. Happily leading all the way till Adeline took me down at the last minute.

Good morning! Mandatory coffee fix before beginning our long day ♥

I wanted to try the Klebang Original Coconut Shake. The stall's queue was madness, so we went to the outdoor restaurant which was just beside. Thr were soo many people thr too.

Boyfie knows I'm a sucker fr keropok lekor :b

Nasi lemak~

Can't deny that I was super bummed at the fact that the icecream was vanilla instead of coconut LOL. If nt imba lo, sien.

Crocodile farm! RM18 per entry (adults)

We were sorta just in time fr the show, phew.

Thr were 15 crocodiles in this particular area. It was feeding time. The most interesting part. Glad I didn't miss it.

Peekaboo. This dude kept coming super close it was scary at that moment.


AHHH, I can't imagine if they managed to escape or smtg (๑′°︿°๑)


Bought food to feed them :3

How cute!! Feel so sad that these little babies are locked up tho ): Sigh.

So lovable.

Kidnap youu.




Feeding turtles :) Ntg else to do after that so we left~

Idk what place is this but Rishi drove us thr & said we can see the view of Malacca lolol. I enjoyed the climb. Exercise!

Then it was time to go back to the hotel & pack up ):

But GUESS WHATTT :D I got my durian soft serve after all lolol. We coincidentally passed by that shop again. It was soooo good, I loved it so much. If I needn't return to the car I think I'll get another 2 more before willing to leave haha.

If you wna know whr the shop is, it's @ Jonker Street (next to the big stage). Durian lovers will nt regret this. Mochi was good too (according to Adeline).

Dropped by AEON Mall fr early dinner then back to KL, back to reality. So hungry rn I wna eat that muffin, sobs. & that concludes our super last minute road trip. Signing out!
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