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Hello! (♥‿♥ )~♪ If you've been following me on social media, you might know that I've been visiting myBurgerLab fr a couple of years now. I first tried their food in the first mBL branch @ Seapark (yess, the outlet w the super long queue if you rmb!) & loving them ever since ♥

But I hardly go to that branch anymore as they've expanded & has one in Sunway.

You can imagine my happiness when I found out that they're finally open somewhr close to home :p I'm always very picky when it comes to food but mBL has won my heart since ’12.

Patiently waiting fr our turn to order~

Reading msgs on their signature paper notes wall to pass time while in line.

Cute emo boy can't wait to eat :3

Truffle Poutine (Appetizer)
"Fries smothered in melted Sharp Cheddar & Umami BEEF Gravy. Truffle Oil & Blueberry Jam drizzled in for some added AWESOMENESS!"

It tasted SO good. I never knew blueberry jam can go so well w fries, & the gravy is super yummy too. Topped w cheddar ― this sweet & savoury mix is pure pleasure. Gone under 5 minutes! Guilty much :X

"What's this?" *being curious*

"Mmm, more please!" He kept asking but we didn't want to give him too much fries, so we let him try the potato salad, which is a healthier option & became his fav instead. So cuteee, I miss him alrdy :(

Conveniently choosing which drink to refill o(≧∇≦o) Yep, their drinks are refillable (soda)! They also have other varieties like rootbeer float (ahhh!), orange/apple fruit juice, lemonade & bottled water.

Instead of my all-time usual fav, the Beautiful Mess (which I made family members & friends addicted too lol), I decided to order smtg different tonight.

Build Your Own Lab Burger (Main)
It's their new BYOLB! (P/S: Check out that sexy slice of crispy cheese crust!) How this works is really simple--

First, you choose yr patty (either Chicken, Beef or Tofu fr vegetarians yes they thoughtfully cater to vegans) which automatically comes w Sharp Cheddar, X+ Sauce, Red Onions & of course, their signature Hand Baked Buns :D Then, add on whatever you want! It is YOUR burger, you get to pick however you want it to be done based on yr own personal taste.

To give it yr own personal touch/create yr Lab version, choose any 9 ingredients-- Extra Cheese, Onion Rings (OMG), Sunny Side Up (Omega-3 Egg), Crispy Hashbrown (double OMG), Grilled Pineapple, Jalapenos, Shiitake Enoki Mushrooms, Pickles, & Caramelized Onions.

Top it w any 9 sauces-- Japanese Mayo, Curry Mayo, Green Salsa, Honey Mustard, Red Sauce, Horseradish, Thousand Island, Peanut Butter & Sriracha. Feeling super hungry? Addon any 3 patties-- Aussie Beef Patty, Smashed Chic Patty, & Fried Portabella (Whole).

I picked the egg, fried portabella (this is always a must fr me), hashbrown, & beef patty. When it arrived, my first thoughts were "Gg this burger is bigger than my face, how am I supposed to finish?" But surprisingly I could, & it didn't disappoint. My tummy was happy o(*>ω<*)o

Ade's choice was the caramelized onions, hashbrown, fried portabella, & chicken patty topped w honey mustard sauce.

Sets come w either the Awesome Fries, Umami Mashed Potatoes, or the Creamy Potato Salad. I can't eat spicy but their red sauce is a must! Even though it's spicy to me, I just can't stop dipping. Other people usually laugh at me fr being such a weakling lol. To them it's actually nt that spicy.

'Molten Vanilla' Brownie (Dessert)
"Warm Triple Choc Brownie served with a generous helping of Vanilla Ice Cream with Hershey's Choc Sauce."

It was my first time trying desserts @ mBL. Ordered this to share w le fam & tbh, our reactions were really quite embarrassing LOL. I was like, "Omg so nice!! Mummy faster try faster try" *passes spoon* & my elder sis said "How come like that?!" She meant how can smtg be so nice haha, told you it was embarrassing but it was really delicious!

The Triple Choc Brownie was warm & soft, pairing it w icecream was heaven. The Hershey's Choc Sauce & cookie bits were a plus. Loved it. My younger sister especially would go crazy over this as she's a fan of chocolate. Must bring her & eat again :p

Nt forgetting to mention that their service has been consistently good throughout the years w friendly & helpful staff. You're sure to leave w a satisfied smile on yr face! :)

Till next time ♥

myBurgerLab SUNWAY
3, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday
11.00am – 10.15pm
Closed on 1st Monday of the month

Fr other locations near you please visit their website :) They're also active on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter!
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  1. you're making me miss this and i'm not in malaysia! :(

    1. Eeks! You can have this when you're here? :)