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Release yourself, it’s a big sky.
Reveal yourself, it’s a big sky.
We love, we live, we take, we give.
Release yourself, it’s a big sky.

Hi! Spontaneous blog post on a Sunday night (*゚ロ゚) While listening to my beloved trance music ♥ I came home @ 9.30PM today, surprisingly. Haven't been home so early fr actually.. quite a long time.

Okayy, just as I was typing that, Ade told me he was hungry & I immediately went out again to buy food then deliver it to him, & I just got back (it's 2AM now). Thr goes my "I-thought-I-could-be-a-good-girl-tonight" moment lol.

I really shud jump onto bed nw cos I gotta wake up at bout 11AM later at the same time I need to digest my supper first, zz. So I'm basically stuck, good luck to me in the morning (>__<;) Oh, & I watched The Boss Baby. It was lame but quite funny I'll admit. Ikr, what's an adult like me watching a kid's movie for :X & I'm actually hoping to watch it again w my babynephew, I think he'll like it heh.

Current mini updates;
  • Been trying to eat yogurt as much as I can
  • Been dying to travel
  • Been desperate to be stick thin
  • Been wanting to get new tatts but unsure of designs
Uh huh :/ Abt the first one - I heard it's good fr the tummy, & my tummy hasn't been so well the past months I keep feeling bloated fr no reason. Second - I wna go to the UK or Maldives or back to Japan. & I wish the duration can be like, at least two months? Lol dream on Raine.

Third - I haven't been trying. I'm never on a diet nor do I watch what I eat. So I can't complain that I'm nt losing any weight. My goal to being stick thin is nowhr near at all. I know this may sound weird to some people cos they think I'm the definition of "thin" alrdy. But I really don't think so. & when people find out that I don't ever go on a diet & that I drink/eat anything I want, they're shocked but it's true. I wish I could resist food, then I'll be one step closer but unfortunately I can't.

Before you go ahead & call me a sicko, I'ma show you my dream body.

It's nt psychotic, okay? Relax. & I guess if I were taller I'd look way thinner.

Fourth - It's been almost a year since my last tattoo & I still haven't got the slightest clue of what I'd want next. I've been hesitating a lot cos I'm considering of starting my arms but I'm really afraid I'll regret that & that no one would wna marry me LOL. A tshirt won't be sufficient to cover up when I'm a mom once I do my arm.

& I still haven't gotten around to updating bout February & Japan. 2 posts that I'd loveee to keep as memories so, so much but I also dread them cos they're gna be super image heavy ;O I'm such a procrastinatorrr~

P/S: Anyone else feels that 2017 so far has been sorta like.. SKIPPED? It's April alrdy & I hardly felt Jan, Feb & March go by *facepalm*

Stop that time fr me & my lover, so we are together forever in love
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