{Review} Natural Clenx Tea (Detox Tea) Tried By 2 Different People

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*Wordy post but read on if you wna know Ade & I's full genuine experience so far*


Tonight I'm gna write a review on the detox tea that I was gifted recently. Nt just one review experienced by myself, but Ade as well cos why not? The result varies anyway & you ought to know/have additional info if you're Googling to read abt this tea.

My 1st Week Review

I was given a sample pack (?) of 5 teabags & I tried 1 the following day. Drank 2 hot cups of it. Yep you're allowed to refill up to 1-2 times depending on yrself. Tasted bad tbh lol (@__@;)

I was home at the time (5PM) & between 6~7PM, I went to the bathroom 3 times. Which really amazed me cos I normally don't go that often. I felt good & lighter in a way. Weighed myself on the scale & discovered that I lost 0.5kg, just like that. I was SHOOK alright.

Then I thought that was it, ntg else is gna happen to me, everything is DONE.

So I went out @ 8PM. But little did I know, I started getting stomachaches @ 11PM. I have high tolerance fr pain but this pain was excruciating. No joke. I immediately felt regret, like why did I do this to myself *facepalm*

Went to the bathroom again & again till I couldn't take it anymore, it was like an on & off pain, so I told my friends that I wna leave but they didn't let me. Instead they drove to the nearest store to get me 'po chai pills' (some traditional Chinese medicine). Didn't help tho but no choice, they didn't lemmi leave LOL so I had to deal w the pain.

At that moment I told myself, "No moreee. I'm nt gna do this to myself ever again!" (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

Finally home @ 1AM+ and weighed myself out of curiosity. I lost another 1kg, WHAT?

Total weight loss = 1.5kg. Duration = 8 hrs.

Like ARE YOU SERIOUS? My tummy was super flat too but I think total times I went to the bathroom was bout eight *facepalm* "Was it worth it?" I asked myself. "Can I handle the pain again if I want to continue?" (ikr what happened to I'm-never-doing-this-again zz)

Oh & idk if this was playing w my mind but.. I didn't feel hungry at all till the next day 10PM. I could actually go on without food fr that many hrs. But I was eventually forced by my dad to eat fish head noodles. Yep, just 1 meal fr the entire day.

I told Ade abt my weight loss that's within that short span of time and...

He proceeded to buy a pack of 50's *ultimate facepalm*

We divided them cos I decided to give it another try. I'm desperate to lose more weight since it was so easy by doing ntg (despite the pain of course).

Ade's 1st Week Review

3 days 3 teabags so far (2 cups per teabag). 0% pain (so jelly) but more trips to the bathroom than usual. Says he feels good & light. Seems to be working well fr him other than the horrible tea taste.

Total weight loss = 3kgs :O

My 2nd Week Review

I was honestly so afraid of the pain that I skipped a whole week before taking my 2nd teabag. Yeah, super scaredy cat of me lol but my pain was seriously no joke & it gets really inconvenient fr me to go out.

I cut down my intake to 1.5 cup instead of 2 cups since I have such weak stomach (?) Drank it @ 12AM so "smart" lol I automatically woke up @ 5AM and sat in the bathroom fr half hour, in pain. Went back to slp & woke up again @ 10AM fr another trip to the bathroom... Super tiring lol. But it wasn't as serious compared to the first time, wonder why.

After 24 hrs, weighed and = NO WEIGHT LOSS.

Yep, nt even 0.5kg. Plus I alrdy gained back the weight that I lost last week using the tea. I'm back to my original weight, after all the pain I went through fml.

So I'll conclude that, in my own personal opinion, thr's no such thing as a magical tea that helps you lose weight. Might help people w constipation yes, but you won't lose a drastic amount of weight. Might help make yr tummy flat fr an important occasion but what's the point if it also risks you going to the bathroom in pain often as well so you didn't get to enjoy the occasion *thinking emoji*

If you disagree & say to me why not take the tea everyday and see if I'll lose drastic weight instead of coming to a conclusion so quickly? Hell no, I duwanna be in pain everyday at surprising timings & unable to go fr my outings. I learned my lesson LOL. Lucky those who don't feel pain after drinking this tea. I honestly feel it's really strong.

The best way is of course to eat clean & exercise but.. that's really hard fr me so too bad Raine, tooooo bad (T___T)

Ade will continue on his "journey" (lol) w Clenx Tea so I'll update this post if it works fr him & if it doesn't, you'll know cos this post will remain unedited. Ok, bye!

My Favorite Month...

...is none other than February, of course! (。♥‿♥。) I'm also proud to be #Aquarius, just super love the month I'm born in haha ;D

Whenever it's my birthday month, I don't mind it being celebrated a few times. In fact, I love it! Ppl say the older you get the more tired you are of bday celebrations but in my case, it's the opposite :X The initial plan was to go really wild (don't ask me what, shh) but I didn't have the mood to do that in the end so I cancelled it. My "switch" kept being on & off till I just went w that decision & let my Ade and my friends surprise me instead ♥

Note: Timings are all rough estimation cos I forgot haha it's been quite some time.

1/2 2300hrs ;

Was chilling & gambling @ Grace's place (it was CNY) when Ade sudd came out the kitchen @ 12AM w this lovely cake. I love it so much, so cute & I love rainbows thankyouuu :D

Thanks fr being thr although some of you had work the next day. & I really didn't expect anything LOL hence the super comfy clothes, tied up hair & glasses (@_@;)

2/2 2030hrs ;

PLOY @ Publika fr Jap x Thai fusion cuisine. Definitely smtg diff than the usuals.

Group pic w the people that I keep close to my heart ♥

Girls girls girls.

Sorta candid haha.

After everyone finished eating, this dessert came! It was so good, I loved the coconut ice cream & chocolates :3 Never fail to surprise me~ Mabel & I couldn't stop eating it lol.

Thankyou fr the sweet scented ombre pink roses too, my dearest. ♥ you~~ Come to think of it, I wonder when he brought it into the restaurant cos I didn't see it at all LOL blur me.

Taken by my pro personal photographer Grace hahaha. It's awesome when you have besties that are just naturally good at taking photos.

From Mabel's Snapchat. Pro all around me (≧▽≦)

2200hrs ;

Next up, The Social whr we had mixed types of alco & I'm usually really weak in mix lol but I survived? :O Phew. Survivor fr 2 years in a row dy lol last year's was way worse. But I guess it's also cos my friends didn't wna see me KO so they didn't really push me.

These shots name is Blowjob #awkward & it's one of my favs haha.

Love of my life ♥♥

Cheers, everyone!

W another February babe Adeline ♥


She's so pretty right? Looks like some TVB actress or smtg!

Nana looks so cute w her cocktail haha & I loveee her eyes.

Tied by blood. Babysis Mabel.

Jägerbomb! Another one of my favs.


Nooo, nt a Flaming Lambo (T___T) Cos I was having sore throat.

3/2 0100hrs ;

@ The Vault. I liked this place a lot! Felt mysterious, adventurous somehow. Haha. W my lubbb.

Group pix.

More group pix.

Wei Kit, Mabel, Adeline, Des!


Hi CK!

More kisses~ ♥ Des, y u... Lol!

Thanks loves fr the angbaos & beautiful Tarte palette ♥♥ Appreciate em~ (*^▽^*)

2300hrs ;

When the girls sudd pulled me elsewhr from our sofa area (telling me thr's a so-called secret passage) which meant I "gone missing" fr awhile & Ade got worried + I didn't take my phone w me, left in the bag. Can nicely take picture sumore *facepalm*

Facepalm #1.

Facepalm #2.

Imperial @ Zouk as 3rd celebration. Idk why so many of us wore red that night. It was purely coincidental lol.

Yess I brought my mom along haha. She's super sporting typa mom as usual.

Lol idk why I did this.

Then idk why I asked my mom to do it too. LOLOL.

I cannot take it hahahaha.

Even the guy is like ehh?

I love it when he does this :3


Cheers, Mummyy!

Whose ft starter pack hand is this hahaha :X

I forgot what it tasted like.

A lot of people said I look like an elf w this new hair color. Whaaat, ELF?

Hi Grace. Hi CK.

Hi Rishi.

Hi Jo & Jo's friend.

Grace y u ban cham? Des, y u drunk? Lawl.

Hearts you fr everything.

You spoil me like a little girl always.

I love the gift, it was so sweet of you b (T___T) ♥♥

14/2 2000hrs ;

Our #ootd fr Valentines Day @ La Cucina, Pullman Hotel KL :)

I lost some weight as you can see, as I fell sick fr 1.5 weeks straight & lost the appetite to eat. I miss this body!! Also swapped my usual red lips w fuchsia this time~ We had a 4-course meal & red wine.


Warm bread was yum.

Appetizer: Salmon & Barramundi Carpaccio w black caviar, micro cress salad, trio of bruno capsicum, homemade citrus green oil, maldon salt & pine nuts.

Yep, I copied that off the menu itself hahah. Nt possible fr the forgetful me to rmb all that.

Soup: Tomato gazpacho, pine nuts, blue cheese foam w croutons.

Main Course (Ade's): Caramelized crispy roasted duck breast, orange-mixed lentil stew, carrot & celeriac mash, apple mango salsa w green peppercorn cream & crispy rocket leaves.

Main Course (Mine): Mulwarra beef tenderloin, roasted vegetables, polenta & black truffle oil served w Béarnaise & port wine jus.

Dessert: Triple Chocolate Pleasure w dark soil & raspberry coulis.

He improved in taking pictures. Yay! Haha ( ◞・౪・) & the dessert is so cute!

17/2 2030hrs ;

Dinner @ Hemisphere KL.

Loving this faux leather top~

Can't wait to make more memories w you, baby. It's you, it's always been you.. ♥
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