Earn CashBack When You Shop Online — With ShopBack.my!

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"WHAT? Is this a dream?", I asked myself (・□・;)

Cos it's brilliant! Nowadays, almost everyone shops online. I too, commit this sweet, sweet crime, splurging when I see smtg pretty :x But wouldn't it be cool if you get CashBack while you shop?

At Shopback.my, you sure can!!

Not just that, you'll be instantly rewarded w RM5 cashback as soon as you signup w me by clicking here! Tempting :p OH, you'll also receive ANOTHER RM5 upon making yr first purchase. #truth

If you're still a bit confused, please allow me to elaborate :D ShopBack gives shoppers the best cashback offers from our fav stores! To name a few; Lazada, Groupon, Expedia, ebay, AliExpress, asos, agoda, Zalora, Air Asia & more. From air tix, hotels, fashion, the list goes on!

So, how does it work?

#1. Look fr the biggest discounts & the best deals on ShopBack.my. Psst, use AliExpress coupon codes to save more, or find all the best Groupon promo codes.

#2. Click on yr selected store that you're interested in. In my case, I see makeup & I'm like YASSS!

#3. Discover the amount of cashback you'll receive (I chose Sephora & they're giving up to 8% cashback). Then follow the instructions/text.

#4. You'll be directed to the designated website. Browse & shop yr items! Looking good? Purchase!

IMPORTANT!!! Remember to complete yr purchase within the same directed window to qualify fr cashback.

#5. Checkout yr cashback straight into yr bank account! It's that simple!

If you're alrdy an onliner shopper anyway, why say no to benefits? Right? Get savings & cashback using ShopBack ♥ I'm so glad this site exists! Now I can get more money, to shop more! Mwahaha.

My family & friends also shops a lot online and won't they be thrilled to hear abt this! Do check em out, okay? They have many brands! Have a great day & happy shopping, peopleee (;

P/S: You might notice my hair color change in this post or if you follow me on social media :D I'll update abt that soon. Bye!
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