{Travelogue} DWP @ Jakarta

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Haven't been to a rave fr a coupla years & finally went to one; DWP @ Jakarta :) It felt really special this time cos boyf & besties were thr w me and I miss it super superrr much nw! Nt forgetting to mention Leon my buddyyy, who purposely flew from Melbourne :) Had a lot of good old times w him.

I don't have many pictures fr this post tbh, I hardly took pix cos I was so busy enjoying myself omg. I extremely missed raving.


Touched down Jakarta on 8th Dec '16 morning & headed straight to our villa; Onoma Villa. It was epic. Huge, comfortable, no lizards to my surprise (major plus!!!) Lizards are like, my biggest fear & they were EVERYWHR when I was @ Bali. I feared fr my life so much when I was thr last time lol.

Indonesia is swarmed w mosquitoes tho so rmb to bring lots & lots of mosquito repellent or you'll surely regret it! (>__<;)

Oh, & our transportation journey throughout was.. different. It was hella jam almost 24/7. The Land of 'Machet' they call it, which means Land of Traffic Jam lol & indeed it lives up to its name. They'd all drive on train tracks as if they were ntg. Beggars scared Grace & I too. They'd roam around in the middle of main roads & just glare closely into cars...

I swear the place looks way better & x10 more spacious in real life LOL I'm just a horrible photographer :x

& I forgot to snap my bedroom! Nooo :( Shared my bedroom w boyf, Grace & Jo. It had an upstairs-downstairs kinda thing w a ladder & a pole haha it was cool & spacious w a dresser, bean bag & all. I tried playing on the pole & got a bruise LOL #noob.

Went to Grand Indonesia, which's like the Pavilion KL of Jakarta. First stop; HOT-STAR Fried Chicken. This, was da BOMB. Although exp. But can someone bring it over to Malaysia alrdy?

I ordered the black pepper fried chicken x seaweed fries x peach drink ♥♥ The drink could be better. Food however was perfect.

O..kay? Dw I didn't order this. LOL.

Had these chicken noodles (mie ayam) instead.

Can't express how much I loved this detox Black Sakura frozen yogurt w Fruity White Chocos topping & Choco Wafferino sauce. I really feel like I can eat it everyday! ♥ Didn't fancy the Lykone tho (colored cone) haha cos it was tasteless (>__<;) Supposedly a healthy dessert so yeah.

Beer Garden fr dinner & alco.

Group pic w some. Rest are in the villa, others haven't arrive on separate flights.
Clockwise; Chia How, Grace, me, Ade, Yg, Praveen, Joshua, Yudesh.

Fast forward to 9th Dec/DWP Day 1 ;) W Jo & Grace~ Loving her purple hair? ♥

#ootd. All white + mini backpack in burgundy velvet from Forever21 Japan :D

Underneath the electric sky ♥

Music heals ♥

Hahaha SG flag!

Oh how much I loved Christina Novelli.

Major heartsss. Although my heart looked like a potato lol WHOOPS.

Major withdrawals rn~ I need to rave again ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ† Spot the part whr I was pouting lolol I wonder what about ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Bonus video!

Fast forward 10th Dec/DWP Day 2! Still in the villa w le boyfieee.

From Jo's phone. Look so stunned here haha.

Praveen, Jo, Yudesh~
Giselle, me, Grace, Leon!

Naeden behind, haha :D

Okay, I really loveee this kinda stuff. Photobooth! The ones w Grace & Jo are so unprepared, we weren't sure how it was operated at first. Next round w Ade it turned out way better :D

Just noticed I've so few pix from Day 2 (T___T) But that was when I really enjoyed & stayed till the end. By the time we reached back it was sunrise haha.

11th Dec; aka last day/chilling day.

Went to Grand Indonesia again cos I wanted to eat the frozen yogurt badly (เน‘→‿←เน‘) Told you I can eat it everyday haha maybe I shud open one in Malaysia wdf. Ignore le bf's legs & reluctant smile LOL he was super tired. We swam, showered, packed, & off to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Oh oh, before that, bf's colleague brought us fr smtg called Nasi Padang.

Nasi Padang is a Padang steamed rice served with various choices of pre-cooked dishes originated from Padang city, the capital of West Sumatra, Indonesia.

I had to google the description above LOL. The fried chicken was really goodddd (nt in pic tho they must have nt served it yet) so are the crisps thingies. That was all I dared to try actually. Didn't have the guts fr the strange ones like the tongue, liver, cow brain & such :x & the rest are spicy, I can't eat spicy #lousy.

Praveen, don't kill me. It was meant to disturb Grace but it turned out this way hahahaha.

Need another rave to feed my withdrawals. & another, & another, & another...
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