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Yesterday evening, I was at the gorgeous themed Dazzling Cafe @ Mid Valley to witness the official launch of the Pore Perfection range of PINK by PURE BEAUTY, which's the new dimension from Korean advanced beauty & skincare innovation in pore purifying & skin refining.

One of the most common problem people face today is oily face & clogged pores but fret not and you don't have to be ashamed as it's normal, BUT the good news is, you do have a solution to get rid of these annoying complications & get yr pores minimized + tightened, as long as you plan yr skincare regime properly. The Pore Perfection range is also said to deep cleanse, hydrate, smoothen & brighten dull skin. I can't wait to get my hands on them alrdy!

Made possible by leading edge technology & incorporating the finest natural ingredients, Pure Beauty was able to create unique skincare products based on powerful antioxidant blends fr visible & long-term results.

Read on as I unravel more on the launch & products! :)

The setting is so feminine & pinkish! ♥ Perfect ambience w natural lightning.

Sharon Lim, Caryn Loh, Danny Hoh & the fashion walk models proudly presenting the PINK 6-in-1 pore care.

Giving you a closer look at the cake. I was in awe when I saw it.

Afterwards there was this Beauty vs "Little Fresh Meat" Pore Challenge where two people's skin were tested using a professional device & it resulted that male model Phillip's skin was really good. He talked abt his skincare experience throughout the years, proving that PINK by Pure Beauty's pore care collection has helped him achieve better & healthier skin throughout the years ever since his teens, making him more confident.

The Pore Perfection range is dermatologically tested & set to target 3 key pore problems - clogged pores, pigmented pores & sagging pores. Sounds unpleasant, huh? You can choose to say goodbye to them w PINK!

Prices -
Pore Cleansing Foam 125ml @ RM39.90
Pore Toner 250ml @ RM39.90
Pore Essence 30ml @ RM72.90

The PINK collection consists of Cleansing Foam, Toner, & Essence, all rich w four of the best of nature ingredients in Korea - Pink Clay, Volcanic Ash, Carbonated Thermal Water, & MAT-XS Bright. Do allow me to elaborate further on each of their important uses :D

Pink Clay ♥
The Pink Clay provides a profound absorption of toxins & clogged oil from the skin while it combats irritation and dryness. It also cleanses the excess sebum & other substances from the pores, so yr face not only looks but feels fresh! Its enriched pristine naturally balanced minerals balances the most stress & sensitive types of skin too.

Volcanic Ash ♥
This precious natural resource is strictly protected under special law of Jeju Island. It could only be extracted from specific regions in Jeju & non-complete products cannot be exported. The Volcanic Ash contains zero harmful heavy metal & safe to be used as cosmetic raw material. The use of this ingredient is to absorb sebum or harmful matter, leaving the skin purified.

Carbonated Thermal Water ♥
The purified groundwater is rich of as many as 13 minerals! This includes carbonic acid ion, calcium, sodium & more, which hydrates the skin from inside out. San-bang mountain's thermal water allows carbonate acid to keep its moisture, leaving the skin moisturized & refreshed. It also helps keep the collagen fibers between cells strong, aiding overall firmness & plumpness of the skin, at the same time help mechanically wash out the pores without too much harshness.

MAT-XS Bright ♥
Scientists actually found the MAT-XS Bright effective in reducing sebum production via clinical evaluation. This enables the reducement of shiny appearance & decreased pore size. Moreover, this compounded ingredient has Java tea leaf extract.

We were then seated to begin our dinner ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

Our appetiser. I normally don't eat salad but this one from Dazzling Cafe tasted good! Loved the smoked salmon, wish I could have another plate right now :b

Fr the main course, guests could choose between the Roasted Chicken Leg or..

Miso Butter Fish. Yums!

Last but nt least was the signature of this cafe, or so I heard; the Mini Strawberry Lover Honey Toast. The ice cream was nice & I really like the toast cos it has so much butter in it. I know I know, I'm crazy fr butter haha.

While savoring our food, we were entertained w a flash dance performance!

So happy to have these cute goodies to take home :3

Thankyou Watsons fr the invite & fr the pleasant organized evening ♥

Fr more information on the PINK by PURE BEAUTY, you can visit Watsons Facebook or Watsons official website. Alternatively, you can download Watsons Malaysia Mobile App (available on both Google Play Store & the Apple Store) fr more shopping conveniences & huge variety of products!
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  1. Oh my the cafe is super cute! I think the yummy food and cute ambience there is taking my attention off the products =D