Memories I Thought I'd Forgotten


If you don't do stupid things while you're young, you'll have nothing to smile/laugh about when you're old.

This saying is SO true. Having the privilege (LOL privilege) to read Grace's old blog again was really entertaining wdf (at the same time accidentally setting me as the 'Author' slash admin instead of 'Reader' so I can actually hack the entire page haha *evil*). It's locked obviously so don't even think abt searching fr it :b It contains so many old pix & details that I thought I'd forgotten but once I see/read em again it suddenly seems so fresh in my mind.

Oh all the crazy things we've been through.

Really can't imagine how crazy we were last time lol & nt to mention brave. Foolishly brave *rolls eyes* Some examples of the things we did in the past -

x. Sharing clothes then hit the clubs wdf.
x. Leave clothes in each other's houses till we get confused.
x. Dancefloor zz. Packed like sardine aso go. Whattt?
x. Play games in cyber cafes fr hrs & hrs.
x. Save up money & shop.
x. Pass time w pool when we were too bored. 1 game 45 mins, FOL.
x. Taking pictures of everything. & I mean, EVERYTHING.
x. Lost our handbags & purses tgt (T___T) Lost countless phones too.
x. CTS (Chinese tea SUGAR) #youknowiknow
x. She'll come find me in FTZ & complain on and on abt I forgot what while I concentrate on my SDO/L4D & after I'm done we'll go solve her problem LOL (happened a lot of times).
x. Emo tgt, every week few times wdf.
x. I influenced her to wear a short skirt fr her presentation in coll or smtg when she wanted a knee-length one LOL.
x. Asked me to acc her to the clinic to pretend being sick to get MC.
x. Countless, COUNTLESS yumcha sessions. We just wanted to get outta the hse only aso happy dy.
x. Walked to each other's houses/sleepovers. Less than 5 mins walk reach lol. Thr was once her hse didn't have electricity at noon & she MSN-ed me asking if she could take a nap here & I was like, "sure". LMAO #steady.
x. Falling down everywhr. Bruises, cuts everywhr. & we didn't even care!
x. Her very first tattoo experience while drunk. Wild & epic.
x. Joining Facebook & running back to Friendster (~_~;) + Plurk! Lmao.
x. Argued once due to a misunderstanding & stopped talking fr months. But I always believe that if two ppl argued badly & are okay back, the friendship is bound to last. But let's nt argue again ok ♥
x. Sharing our deepest darkest secrets. & trusting each other w em.

I duwanna list anymore, this's just the rough view of it, duwanna go too extreme :X Overall we got into lotsa trouble (even w the police) but I won't change a thing. Best memories ever, haha ♥ She's seriously the person I've been through most with in my life apart from my family. Love you, bestie!

P/S: We've grown up now :') & we've mistaken; it's nt just 8 years of sistership but 10 like you said, if times chatting on game/tagboards/MSN were counted, heh.
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