♥ N E R D S ♥


HARRO! This is not me, this is my short-haired tomboyish twin (´・_・`)

Btw, still loving this hot pink Bebe x Swarovski jacket so much ♥ Shud've gotten the black one as well *sulks* Now's the best time to change into a slightly tomboyish style, I feel it suits the look a lot more somehow :O

The other day I tried on Ade's cap & surprisingly liked it, lol. I usually complain instead & take off his cap(s) right away when he randomly puts it on my head. WHAT'S HAPPENING?

Looks like my sneakers have the chance to come outta the closet again~~ I bought a pair from LV 2 months ago & the only time I ever wore my other Nike sneakers (yeah I only have 2 pairs) was whenever I play badminton once every half year or so #notexaggerating (๑°o°๑) Yep, I'm more of a heels & wedges kinda girl. Can't live without em. I feel extremely short without em tbh, fml.

Anywaysss, I'm here @ 3AM to write abt absolute nonsense cos I'm having insomnia. I can't sleep. Guess it's cos I've been sleeping too much the past 9 days due to being unwell (ikr, freakin 9 days? my body is becoming so weak) & honestly, I kinda miss writing rubbish cos I know fr sure I'll laugh at em in years to come.

Like this current hairstyle. I'm upset abt it now, like, really upset, but I know that I'll look back (w healthy hair, woot!) & laugh, yes again; in years to come. And I know I'll be glad I did it.

I regret deleting all my old blogs. It'd be so fun to read em again & look at all the photos. I could've just set em on private, why did I delete zz (T___T)


The title ♥ N E R D S ♥ is actually a new clique name by Grace & I. Edward included too, of course. Our clique is pretty small. Ok, actually it's reallyy small, LOL (definitely thr're other close & cherished ones of mine but they're nt in this particular "clique").

We're very outgoing & super sociable but we just can't get ourselves to trust people easily. We hardly let people in. I guess we put our guards up high cos we've been hurt. Friendship wise, relationship wise. My past is horrible, but somehow I always find it in me to be trusting towards people, naturally.

Wrong move most of the time.


Cos people ALWAYS have smtg to say. No matter how good they seem to be in front of you, they always have smtg to say to others. Guess my stupidly naive & gullible trait hasn't completely gone away no matter how many lessons I've learned. Fr years I've told myself to be STONE COLD. Sometimes I manage, sometimes I don't.

Grace is often doubtful while I'll always be the one who says "give the person a chance", but as time goes, she's more likely to have proven right in the end. How'd you become so smart? Lol teach me, senpai. I have to stop being so soft.

& Edward, well he's just always thr fr us; no complaints, always concerned. And we're blessed to have sucha friend tbh. He's the one we could trust w all of our secrets & he's never leaked any. Really brother max (Y)

{Added in these pix as of 12/1/17}

So, why the name NERDS? Uhh.. it's pretty silly. Us & our lots of other groups from years ago were party animals. And we've been through so much of craziness together. Like really crazy CRAZY *shifty eyes* We still do party but decided to slow down even more than before. Lately all we do is stay home, work, repeat & meet once in awhile hence -- NERDS has been born. Lol.

Which reminds me, I hafta get myself a pair of specs & not continue to be stubborn cos my eyesight is getting worse (・-・;) I don't really mind wearing specs anymore tho. Nerd is the new cool wdf.

We also have umm, my beloved Ohana & Mean Girls. But the Mean Girls have recently broken up. I duwanna elaborate tho. But seriously no hard feelings; we're on good terms.

P/S: Dunid to wait few years, I alrdy feel dumb re-reading this post LOL gg. But yeah, just a reminder to myself & a little thought to not be so trusting etcetc. おやすみなさい。

Life is about balance. Be kind, but don't let people abuse you. Trust, but don't be deceived. Be content, but never stop improving yourself.
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  1. Hahah I really really really like your hair now lo! Not many people can pull off this kind of look one. Anyway, I also damn regret i deleted all those 2008 blog posts T_T Otherwise can look back and go.. I DID THIS BEFORE MEHH?? hahaha

    1. Yr one more geng omg salute much! Boycut; so daring! What's yr fav hairstyle on yrself so far? I saw that you tried quite many :D

      Yeah ikr. Really wish I didn't delete especially those from 2006~2010.

  2. wow totally understand the feeling of writing a blog post because of insomnia!
    but that was long time ago, now with work and all, no time to be insomnia! LOL

    How the new changes of EPF impact me? Read here!

  3. don't so fake lah. if this post is directed to the third girl just say so, don't have to mask it. at least have some bravery. pity the third girl

    1. Whoaaa. Hold it right there. What third girl? If you're mentioning the Mean Girls thing, I alrdy put a disclaimer, read it (-_-;)

      Why do I have to "mask" things. I'm talking bout in general. Anyways I'm very direct, ntg to hide.

  4. Hello E,
    "at least have some bravery"

    At least have some bravery and post your name? ._.

    1. Ikr. These people; keyboard warriors max lol.

  5. Lol how much for the full modifications to convert into a china doll?

    1. Hi, hater x keyboard warrior :) Have some guts to post yr name before attempting to insult others alright, heee.

  6. Why here so many stupid people one xDDD