I'm afraid to be happy...


Does anybody else agree?

I was pretty happy yesterday fr personal reasons & was in a really good mood so I decided to call some friends fr coffee. I was craving the Peanut Butter Coolist & I hardly go out w friends lately, probably once a week so I was kinda looking forward to just hang out.

At the beginning of the week I was initially alrdy excited fr the weekend. I tweeted abt that & ever since, I've been counting down the days. First of all, today's supposed to be my bestie's baby's 1st birthday. Second, I'm supposed to go shop fr clothes tmr fr my trip to Japan + splurge on makeup + Ade's getting a new tattoo done. He's the one getting a new tatt but I'm the one that's ecstatic *shifty eyes* Yep, I get hyper like that at times. After everything, it's hotel party fr a friend who's visiting from Singapore.

Instead, I'm home nw & I can't go anywhr cos my body hurts and thr're a few bruises here & there.

Here's what happened...

I went out w friends & chilled, Ade came to surprise me, everything was good, it was a great night. Then everybody left & Ade was sending me home, we were right outside my housing area's traffic light when a speeding car crashed into ours from another direction. I saw lights coming at me real fast & tbh the only thing that went through my mind was "I think this is the end of me."

If the car were to hit in front a bit more, it'd be crashing directly at my door. & I really can't bear to imagine...

Both cars fly till one east one west (。•́︿•̀。) I was in a state of shock when we came down & walked towards the guy, who claimed his light was green. We insisted that ours was green. So who's at fault? The guy's car was a total loss. Ade's is badly damaged too. We were so stressed out.

I just wish it'll never happen again, nt everyday we are given a second chance. Please take note everyone, be more careful on the road. Even when the light is green, WAIT & make sure to always LOOK FIRST before "blindly" accelerating. People try to "rush the yellow light" all the time so please, be extra careful & pay extra attention. Consider us lucky cos much worse could've happened. Thank God.

I'm trying to stay positive while Ade seems really down & can't seem to cheer up, I feel helpless. What a supposedly great Friday & weekend turned into a nightmare :'(

P/S: Thanks Zhiji & Kevin fr being there.
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  1. But still, life goes on. So dont feel depressed to much about it.

  2. Just read your status in fb. It seems you are feeling tired of this life nowadays. Here some advices, when you feel life is so stressful, think about the good and happy memories about this life . And also think about the next good and happy things that might happen in the near future. Life is full of possibilities, there's no way that good thing will keep coming, and also there's no way that bad thing will keep coming too. As a conclusion, even tho life is so stressful, good thing is also happening in life. So don't give up on it, also I guess you've been through a lot of pain, and yet you still have a lot of happy day in the past, ain't you ? And this time, you'll also be okay. So cheer up. Hope the advice does help. Lol