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I just had to had to HAD TO post these. I wish I was there. They've been so amazing. So talented. SO CUTE. & I'm so overwhelmed w feelings right now.

This band, these guys...

They've been my addiction since I was only 11. I used to buy their cassettes & listen to them on my Walkman -- Every. Single. Day. Lol Walkman, sounds like stone age. & yes, you can alrdy guess that I grew up being a tomboy at first. I wore Converse shoes, tank tops, tshirts, hoodies & baggy pants most of the time :x & up till today I'm nt exactly a very girly girl. I hate flare skirts & flare dresses. I hate wearing frills or pearls too. That's just how I am.

I adore these punk guys so freaking much & that's never changed. They're like my childhood lovesss! Charlie Simpson, James Bourne & Matt Willis; all equally as much ♥♥♥ So surprised I could still rmb the words to their songs. But it's maybe also cos I saved their albums in my playlist & listen to them every few months, heh :x

Anyhowww, I was told that they are BACK. After 10 long years. I wanted to scream. No joke. No freaking way. The day has finally come, I can't be happier (T___T) Never expected this.

Tbh I was very disappointed due to their change of style. They took a totally diff approach to what seems to be in trend rather than stick to what they were amazing & known fr doing. I didn't like the song nor the MV at all. I actually exited the tab.

But then I thought I'd give it a few more tries & now I'm hooked! It's pretty catchy. & I like the lyrics. Then I changed my mind. If anything this only proves that they are absolutely great in other genres too.

Blowing kisses fr this one as well! :*

Them singing Meet You There from year 2003's album; A Present For Everyone♥

But I gotta admit I like the old Busted more. Way more. Nevertheless, I'll continue supporting them. Fr sure ♥ Can't wait to see what else they're gna surprise us with! ;)
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