Another Tattoo?! x My Simple Day

Ooh, looks like I've been blogging more often :D But nope, I didn't get a tattoo this time around haha. #you'vebeenconned, sorry :b It's actually my bf but we'll get to that later.

Rmb how most of us used to blog in a style whr we type out every single thing we did at outings? In DETAIL? Sometimes even too much details wdf like the timing aso must say exact lol. During years 2006~2010 (or even way before, idk). Our younger version used to take pix of every single thing; the food that we ate, silly faces that we made, friends that came & go, strangers, fitting room/washroom pix, sticker booth (lmao), roadside pix wdf & a lot more, literally everything.

It was the ERA when almosttt EVERYONE owned a blog & was updating very actively on em.

Today, in 2016, I'm gna do one of those posts, fr the sake of reliving nostalgia :O Lol. This makes me reminisce so much & I'm feeling sad that youth is nt forever. Time flies & I'm getting older *broken heart emoji*


I just stick this Panaflex thingy instead of going fr checkup. #stubborn #scared (/□\*)・゜

If you read my previous blog post you'd know the bf & I got into a car accident & I'm nt in normal condition. I googled & found out that I'm experiencing smtg called whiplash. Plus bruises on my arm & hip bone. But I decided to go on anyway w Ade's tattoo appointment since the design has been drawn/prepared fr some time & I figured that staying home will make me think of the pain more.

Since the tatt is gna take hours to complete, I planned to go walk around & shop, maybe have a cuppa coffee. I don't mind being alone sometimes, that's just another weird side of me. & I LOVE shopping so I woke up @ 10AM in a good mood despite the discomfort & started to get ready.

Arrived @ 12PM & I didn't wait fr him to say "B what you wna eat" like he normally does since he's always so indecisive lol. I was craving Pepper Lunch & we went straight thr.

This was what I ordered; Beef Pepper Rice + add on egg is a must :D

Just looking at this is making me crave again. Ahhh!

I chose the set that comes w an icecream (Mango) + drink (Iced Peach Green Tea). It's my first time trying their icecream & I have to say I really like it!

Next up, it's tattoo taim! He looks so sleepy, aw.
& I can't believe I'm starting to buy caps... This's my 2nd cap.

Doin their thanggg.

Before. You'll get to see the 'After' as you read on ;)

Stared at this fr awhile before I got bored & went fr a much needed retail theraphy haha.

How many lipsticks does a girl need? Well.. I have enough lipsticks, says no girl ever hahaha. Look at my hand, those are the 3rd round of swatches, after I wiped off the 1st & 2nd rounds' (≧∇≦) Don't think I'll even use most of those colors I picked wdf but they're still pretty as collectionnn! Idc! ♥

Hoodie & lace bralette: H&M
Shorts: X
Sneakers: Louis Vuitton
Bag: Celine

Are you nt used to seeing me in this kinda style? Me either.

Randomly walked into H&M, chose 3 items to try, bought all 3 items (-__-;)

Although my mission of the day is to find nice boots (fr Japan) & sneaker wedges (fr a rave)... Instead I didn't buy my needs, I bought my wants fml good job Raine.

Alsooo, #fittingroomselfie! How long's it been? Lol!

Went towards the men's section to get a black hoodie fr le bf too. So we can be matchy, hee. & yeah ikr, that Bieber tee. I don't like Bieber don't misunderstand lol I'm just trying to take pix of every single nonsense like the young me would. This is supposingly a "nostalgic post" rmb~

Then I received a msg from Ade asking me if it's convenient to get him green tea and I went straight to buy it fr him & one fr his tattooist friend. I didn't wna delay cos I totally know how that feels. Thirsty while tattooing can be quite unpleasant. Saw him again & he told me it's painful but remained calm the whole time as if it didn't hurt :O Poker face pro.

Continued walking around entering random gift shops in hopes of finding a gift fr Grace.

Her bday is very soon & I just don't know what to get her! She doesn't like makeup, else it'd be so easy (wdf sucha girly girl say don't like makeup!) & I alrdy bought her perfume last year..

Went to a few shoe shops but couldn't find any boots or sneaker wedges that I like, sob. & Aldo hasn't had any new arrival in months *thinking emoji* Looks like mission unaccomplished ): I almost bought unnecessary stuff like heels but I managed to hold back, thank God. I have wayy too many heels. So many that I didn't wear. Keep wasting money. So yea, I managed to run away. Lol.

Was queue-ing fr Chatime. Walk so long thirsty you know lolol.

Sunday so many ppl sumore super long queue gg. Everywhr was swarming w humans. Took this pic to send to Ade asking him whether he wants another drink cos I was abt to head back to the tattoo parlor. He said it's okay so I just bought roasted milk tea w pearl fr myself.

Waiting waiting~

After 3.5 hrs in total; the final result. Thr was a specific meaning to why he did this but I forgot :O Gotta ask him again omg my lousy memory.

Sunway Pyramid finally has these auto ticketing booths. Saves up so much queue-ing time.

Cheese sausages. & I smuggled pretzels in :x The craziest stuff I ever smuggled was a full set of Burger King & Starbucks lmao. I'd bring other food in when I'm nt feeling popcorn.

We watched Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Didn't even realize it's a 2 hrs 7 mins movie, that probably means I was enjoying it? Although the part whr they introduced the peculiar children was so lame lol.

My fav in the cast is Olive the fire girl. She's sooooo pretty. Second would be Emma. Both super pretty ♥ I love their porcelain skin, envy much.

Personal rating would be 6/10. This movie had way more potential tbh. Homed right after that at bout 10.30PM wow super early. I was tired & needed to rest, my neck started to hurt a little more.


Unrelated but I'll just add lol.

Earlier's @ Nando's. Took this candid.

Shopped some more. Faux fur hoodies fr Japan trip yayyy. Very comfy pieces! Thr were lotsa colors but I chose grey & black :x Monochrome is love~

Btw~ I had fun blogging this & taking the pictures :D I had a fun 2 days despite the crazy aching feeling. Telling myself that positivity is key no matter how afraid I am of being happy again. Much appreciation to family & friends that care. You know who you are :)

I'm afraid to be happy...


Does anybody else agree?

I was pretty happy yesterday fr personal reasons & was in a really good mood so I decided to call some friends fr coffee. I was craving the Peanut Butter Coolist & I hardly go out w friends lately, probably once a week so I was kinda looking forward to just hang out.

At the beginning of the week I was initially alrdy excited fr the weekend. I tweeted abt that & ever since, I've been counting down the days. First of all, today's supposed to be my bestie's baby's 1st birthday. Second, I'm supposed to go shop fr clothes tmr fr my trip to Japan + splurge on makeup + Ade's getting a new tattoo done. He's the one getting a new tatt but I'm the one that's ecstatic *shifty eyes* Yep, I get hyper like that at times. After everything, it's hotel party fr a friend who's visiting from Singapore.

Instead, I'm home nw & I can't go anywhr cos my body hurts and thr're a few bruises here & there.

Here's what happened...

I went out w friends & chilled, Ade came to surprise me, everything was good, it was a great night. Then everybody left & Ade was sending me home, we were right outside my housing area's traffic light when a speeding car crashed into ours from another direction. I saw lights coming at me real fast & tbh the only thing that went through my mind was "I think this is the end of me."

If the car were to hit in front a bit more, it'd be crashing directly at my door. & I really can't bear to imagine...

Both cars fly till one east one west (。•́︿•̀。) I was in a state of shock when we came down & walked towards the guy, who claimed his light was green. We insisted that ours was green. So who's at fault? The guy's car was a total loss. Ade's is badly damaged too. We were so stressed out.

I just wish it'll never happen again, nt everyday we are given a second chance. Please take note everyone, be more careful on the road. Even when the light is green, WAIT & make sure to always LOOK FIRST before "blindly" accelerating. People try to "rush the yellow light" all the time so please, be extra careful & pay extra attention. Consider us lucky cos much worse could've happened. Thank God.

I'm trying to stay positive while Ade seems really down & can't seem to cheer up, I feel helpless. What a supposedly great Friday & weekend turned into a nightmare :'(

P/S: Thanks Zhiji & Kevin fr being there.

♥ N E R D S ♥


HARRO! This is not me, this is my short-haired tomboyish twin (´・_・`)

Btw, still loving this hot pink Bebe x Swarovski jacket so much ♥ Shud've gotten the black one as well *sulks* Now's the best time to change into a slightly tomboyish style, I feel it suits the look a lot more somehow :O

The other day I tried on Ade's cap & surprisingly liked it, lol. I usually complain instead & take off his cap(s) right away when he randomly puts it on my head. WHAT'S HAPPENING?

Looks like my sneakers have the chance to come outta the closet again~~ I bought a pair from LV 2 months ago & the only time I ever wore my other Nike sneakers (yeah I only have 2 pairs) was whenever I play badminton once every half year or so #notexaggerating (๑°o°๑) Yep, I'm more of a heels & wedges kinda girl. Can't live without em. I feel extremely short without em tbh, fml.

Anywaysss, I'm here @ 3AM to write abt absolute nonsense cos I'm having insomnia. I can't sleep. Guess it's cos I've been sleeping too much the past 9 days due to being unwell (ikr, freakin 9 days? my body is becoming so weak) & honestly, I kinda miss writing rubbish cos I know fr sure I'll laugh at em in years to come.

Like this current hairstyle. I'm upset abt it now, like, really upset, but I know that I'll look back (w healthy hair, woot!) & laugh, yes again; in years to come. And I know I'll be glad I did it.

I regret deleting all my old blogs. It'd be so fun to read em again & look at all the photos. I could've just set em on private, why did I delete zz (T___T)


The title ♥ N E R D S ♥ is actually a new clique name by Grace & I. Edward included too, of course. Our clique is pretty small. Ok, actually it's reallyy small, LOL (definitely thr're other close & cherished ones of mine but they're nt in this particular "clique").

We're very outgoing & super sociable but we just can't get ourselves to trust people easily. We hardly let people in. I guess we put our guards up high cos we've been hurt. Friendship wise, relationship wise. My past is horrible, but somehow I always find it in me to be trusting towards people, naturally.

Wrong move most of the time.


Cos people ALWAYS have smtg to say. No matter how good they seem to be in front of you, they always have smtg to say to others. Guess my stupidly naive & gullible trait hasn't completely gone away no matter how many lessons I've learned. Fr years I've told myself to be STONE COLD. Sometimes I manage, sometimes I don't.

Grace is often doubtful while I'll always be the one who says "give the person a chance", but as time goes, she's more likely to have proven right in the end. How'd you become so smart? Lol teach me, senpai. I have to stop being so soft.

& Edward, well he's just always thr fr us; no complaints, always concerned. And we're blessed to have sucha friend tbh. He's the one we could trust w all of our secrets & he's never leaked any. Really brother max (Y)

{Added in these pix as of 12/1/17}

So, why the name NERDS? Uhh.. it's pretty silly. Us & our lots of other groups from years ago were party animals. And we've been through so much of craziness together. Like really crazy CRAZY *shifty eyes* We still do party but decided to slow down even more than before. Lately all we do is stay home, work, repeat & meet once in awhile hence -- NERDS has been born. Lol.

Which reminds me, I hafta get myself a pair of specs & not continue to be stubborn cos my eyesight is getting worse (・-・;) I don't really mind wearing specs anymore tho. Nerd is the new cool wdf.

We also have umm, my beloved Ohana & Mean Girls. But the Mean Girls have recently broken up. I duwanna elaborate tho. But seriously no hard feelings; we're on good terms.

P/S: Dunid to wait few years, I alrdy feel dumb re-reading this post LOL gg. But yeah, just a reminder to myself & a little thought to not be so trusting etcetc. おやすみなさい。

Life is about balance. Be kind, but don't let people abuse you. Trust, but don't be deceived. Be content, but never stop improving yourself.

Second Time Having Short Hair

So as some of you might know, I had my hair badly bleached by an unprofessional whom I foolishly trusted early this year (my usual go-to reliable stylist has shifted to Singapore).

Little did I know that my hair'll start breaking again after 6 months. How's that possible? Wna break aso break earlier la right, sigh nv break means I'm safe la rawrrr (T___T)

Due to this breakage, some parts of my hair became visibly uneven. Break till shoulder length those kind, & I felt so upset and worried. Lived w it fr an extra month cos I really, really duwanna cut my hair short & I thought I can save it by covering the uneven parts w the longer parts.

Bad news fr me tho; it continues to break till the point someone noticed & told me abt it, then I knew it's time to get it fixed, no matter how much I dread & hate that.

I was really patient throughout the year although my hair was very dry & tangled but this, this I can't tolerate. Having extremely obvious uneven hair length looks odd & ppl might think I'm cray wdf.

Took a friend's recommendation (he's been w the same stylist fr 9 years & I did my research, the salon seems to have a ton of good reviews) & had to do what I finally had to do (T___T)

From this -

(Check out the right part that falls on my shoulder. That's just one of the many parts of the breakage *rolls eyes*)

To this -


Can I just cry abt how short this is? Fml.

It's the shortest hairstyle I've ever had! My first time cutting short was.. when I was 18 & even that was slightly longer. During that time I just wanted to try smtg new out of curiosity (since I've had long hair all my life) & regretted it almost immediately.

This time tho, I didn't have a choice.

I've never suited short hairstyles & I think I look horrible. I tried to tie it up & even the ponytail looks horrific. Some of you said I can get extensions. But nope, it's going to look obvious & I'm not looking forward to damaging my hair again. & the more unfortunate news is, I have 2 trips coming up on Nov & Dec; Japan & DWP rave in Jakarta.

Oh yay... Counting down 2 long years to super long hair again...

Signing off,
A very sad girl fml.
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