Leo Baby


Last month was the Leo baby's birthday (19/08) & I brought him out to celebrate (=^▽^=)

He's been wanting to try restaurants that has chefs cooking live in front of guests so I did my research & chose Kiraku Japanese Restaurant located in Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya. A bit far, but certainly worth the travel time & price, I'd say. I just really like chilling in the private room that I booked. & a plus point is that the rooms are all smoking rooms, heh. Grace & Edward joined in the fun, appreciate you guys coming :)

There were so many choices, it made us so lazy to browse through them so we let the birthday boy make the decision :b

Spacious room fr 4. Love it.

Bf ordered Asahi while I had iced matcha. Is this really me? :O

The chef has arrived! He did a little "performance" w a large fork & some other cooking utensil before he started preparing the food & I was quite taken aback. Like, what if the large fork flew in our direction wdf. Dangerous moment, haha. But according to him he's an experienced chef, working fr Kiraku fr the past 2 years, so everything was fine, luckily. Lol.

& yep, bf & Grace had a chat w him. Friendly, welcoming service :)

One thing though; the smell of smoke from the cooking omgg. I sat further away to avoid oily face & stinky hair, eeks :x Recommended to bring perfume along w you if you do visit! Haha.

I didn't order any sushi fr myself cos I know I won't be able to finish. Surely super full midway through the combo set add on huge chicken ala carte + garlic rice anddd, I was right.

Salmon, scallops & prawns. I love the scallops! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside ❤ The prawns were big & juicy too.

Plate of goodness. Doesn't look a lot but very filling + us girls couldn't finish. Thr were untouched leftovers on a separate big plate too, the food was too much fr 4 pax.

Next up is the beef & chicken. You can request how you like yr beef. We chose medium rare.


Lastly, vegetables. Broccoli & cauliflower. I didn't eat this at all cos I was too full alrdy :x

Group pic as sweet memories ❤ 8 going on 9 years of friendship w them. What?! Almost a decade? Time seriously flies.

The staff helped us take quite a few pix in case we didn't like em haha thanks :) Like mentioned, their service is excellent & friendly.

I hope you're happy & healthy always and achieve yr goals & dreams ¸.*‘.¸¸ . ✶*¨*. ¸ .✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨‘*✶

Super full! (・□・;)So we chilled & took selfies~

Yep, that's kinda how we are around each other when in private, LOL. Too comfy w each other alrdy :O

My loves & I after satisfying our tummies *insert hearts, unicorns & glitter* P/S, thanks fr giving me the "tall spot" hahaha. Now you guys can believe that I'm actually really short, sadly.

The total bill was around RM540. I went on Facebook Live fr a little while when I was thr & people were asking me whr's the place and etc cos it looked interesting so I thought I'd put down the price here in case any of you wanted to know more :)

Luna Bar KL fr drinks.

Regret much fr choosing this place tho :( It was reallyy hot, wasn't a windy night. & to make matters worse, the service was extremely bad. Thr were many occupied tables & sofas but only 1 waiter wdf? Soon, more waitresses & a manager were ready to serve and take orders but they were so, so slow. One of the waitress was rude to Edward too. Thumbs down, might not return anymore :/

Their choice; red wine~


Extremely horrible pic quality cos it was so dark :( Looks like I needa get myself a good camera, no matter how bulky it is to lug around, fml. I do have a Nikon but it really is too big & heavy...

I randomly told Edward to hold still while I snap this, heh.

So pretty my bff! Took this candid pic of her ❤

I was like a paparazzi lol. Candid too. But I think it's nice haha :D I hope you enjoyed yr birthday! Lub you long timeee ❤
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