The Majestic Hotel @ KL (The Orchid Conservatory) x PS150 Hidden Bar @ Petaling Street, Chinatown

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Last month, Aaron brought Grace & I fr afternoon tea and we were seated in The Orchid Conservatory @ The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The environment was nice within a glass atrium but the only downside to this particular room is that it has mosquitoes, which was a bit of a mood killer. Other than that, the tea & food was great.

A little tip fr you readers if you haven't been there before; Do make a reservation in advance otherwise you'll have trouble getting a table in the orchid room. It's always full house, especially during the weekends. Once, I tried to make a booking fr Saturday & I was told that their reservations are full till the next 3 months fr all Saturdays & I was like, wow lol.

& the sessions are from 3PM~6PM. Only 3 hours so be there early if you wna fully enjoy :)

We're allowed to choose the flavor fr our tea (brand: Twinings) & each guest will get their own pot of tea. Major yay cos I'm a huge sucker fr tea ♥

Whereas in The Tea Lounge, Colonial Cafe & The Drawing Room, tea flavor of the day is fixed unless you top up some money (which idk how much tho, forgot to ask, heh). I chose the Earl Grey & it smelled soo good. Tasted really good too! No regrets choosing that :) I was contemplating between that or the Peppermint. I'll try the Peppermint one next time :) Grace went fr the Darjeeling & Green Tea fr Aaron. Talking bout tea just makes me happy, haha :D

I can't quite rmb what the other choices are except fr the English Breakfast, Camomile, & Golden Caramel Rooibos, sorry 。(*^▽^*)ゞ Didn't intend to blog abt this outing then I realized I like the pictures taken that evening & wna kinda "save" em on here haha. But thr were 8 selections, according to the image.

Such a gorgeous setting, agree?

Stunning orchids everywhr.

Just me trying to take "artsy" pictures ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) Idk if I pass, haha.

More "artsy" pix attempt. That thing in the cup is brown sugar on a stick btw. Adorbs.

The dawg filter that a lot of people are annoyed with. Lolll.

While waiting fr the tier trays :x

Hi, you're pretty! ♥

Um umm, the top tier (fr two pax) has a yogurt & berries thingy in a glass (Grace's favorite), chocolate cakes & cheesecakes. 2nd tier has classic scones & raisin scones, clotted cream & strawberry jam to pair them with. And on the 3rd tier we have a raw salmon sandwich, egg & cucumber sandwiches, mini meat burgers, & a mini shrimp burger. The other tier behind is fr one person & the food is the same types so I needn't explain again :p

Was disappointed that they didn't have the lemon meringue tho (T___T)

I forgot to take a pic of the hot food.. Eeks.

But thr was vegetarian popiah, cripsy potato balls, & smtg like curry puffs. They were delish & I usually like to eat the hot food last lol. Sweet first, savory later. I'm weird but that's what high tea is for, no? Sweet stuff? :x

We couldn't finish the food & we were actually very stuffed :O Looks little but actually very filling :x I haven't eaten all day & it was my first meal yet I felt full kinda fast.

It was pleasant & I'll visit again ;)

Next stop; heading to PS150 @ Petaling Street, Chinatown, recommended by Aaron. He told us it's a hidden bar & we've never been there, plus their specialty is crafted cocktails & I loveee cocktails so why not?

This was when we were alrdy indoor & felt like a "safe-zone", lol.

I'm not kidding, the entrance pretty much scared Grace & I. I know it's a hidden bar concept but it kinda freaked us out. & the walk from a nearby car park to this particular bar was scary too but I'm nt gna go into detail. Go experience it fr yrself if you're curious.

& yup, they serve that kinda snack in the bowl lol & water is free, thumbs up to them! I really hate how drinking places charge fr water so yeah.

On the left:
Grace's & it tasted like oranges. & it contains absinthe, which's a really strong alcohol that is said to be deadly. Probably 70-80%? I am NOT kidding, google it. Anyways, Aaron didn't wna order from the menu cos he wants his drink to be "special", smtg that the menu doesn't offer (yep, PS150 bartenders do take special requests & they are reallyyy friendly) so Grace asked fr smtg diff too hence this drink doesn't have a name (o_o;) & I swear you can't taste the alcohol in it, it's just like sour-ish mix sweet-ish tasting fruit juice until.. Grace got tipsy on just the second sip mwahaha.

On the right:
Lychee No. 3 (mine). Contains London dry gin, lychee, ginger flower & lime. Aaron was telling me like, "Why don't you order smtg unusual instead? Lychee cocktails are basically EVERYWHR" & I was like, but but.. I like lychee (T___T) Lol. Their menu is very unique yet I chose the most simple one *bang wall*

Aaron's drinks came & he's the only guy (I think) that I know who likes sour stuff.

He specifically told the bartender he wants his drink to be sour & they came up w this asam boi thingy mix beer. Every time the glass of drink gets lesser, just pour the beer in & it tastes even better. Genius! :O Idk how & it doesn't seem to make sense but do try if you're into sour drinks.

Mine as well but I don't rmb what this is, aikss my bad. Think it was Angelique smtg. All I rmb is that it tasted good & it contains absinthe as well. Halfway through, Grace told us she felt unwell so we had to leave & I downed the whole glass at one go, gg.

Taken outdoor @ the smoking area. So-called #ootd, heh.

Grace's photo taking skills is really not bad! ;D & thanks Aaron fr the fun evening/night :)


The Majestic Hotel

5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur,

+603 2785 8000

Opening Hours (Afternoon Tea):
3PM-6PM Daily

PS150 Hidden Bar

150 Ground Floor,
Jalan Petaling, City Center,
50000 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,

+603 2022 2888

Opening Hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday 6PM–2AM
Wednesday 6PM–2AM
Thursday 6PM–2AM
Friday 6PM–2AM
Saturday 6PM–2AM
Sunday 2–10PM

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