Boyfie's Birthday Celebration Trip to Krabi (Part 2)

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Hi again! This is a continued post from Part 1 :) Definitely major overdue, but I'm still going to blog it fr cherished memories ♥ (if thr's an award fr the biggest procrastinator ever, I think I'd win fml)

#throwback to August 18th~21st 2015

Day 2

Good morning! ♥
My selections; pancakes w maple syrup, ham, french toast, sausages, orange juice,
& several cups of cereal that I didn't take pictures of :p

So, I was supposed to be ready *before* 8AM fr breakfast at the resort, but I only managed to wake up & head out at like, 8.45 or smtg :x Mabel & Jack were punctual, as usual. Esp Jack, he is always early no matter how late he sleeps, no matter how much alco he downed. Teach me, senpai!

I felt rly bad cos I knew I was gna make the bf miss his bfast cos he waited fr me, & I know just how much he LOVES bfast ): Our transportation was expected to arrive @ 9AM to take us to Hong Island. Only 15 mins to rush to the bfast area (which was kinda huge) & grab food to eat as fast as we could (>__<)

Surprisingly tho, the transport didn't arrive till like 10AM & we even had time fr extra 2-3 helpings. Ikr, such heavy meal fr the morning LOL but the bfast was good & had lots of variety & I can be a mini bear at times :x Whoopsies.

Haha I know I look weird in this but we weren't aware when it was taken. #paparazzied!

We were walking to the speedboat at that time & after all the activities, they sold this photo frame to us for 100 baht. Bf looks good tho. So photogenic huhh ;p

Saw ppl kayaking. Unfortunately didn't get to do that this time around.

Didn't get to ride elephants too as much as Mabel wanted to. Why? Cos I preferred sleep. Pity the ppl who has to go on trips w me OMG. I think I'm way more suitable fr city life/nightlife, sigh :/

Now in our promise land, take my hand, don't let it just pass us by ♥♥

We visited 3 diff islands & here are some of the pix that were taken (^_−)-☆

My happy love!

Our first travel pic in this kinda pose, looking forward to do way more hehe.

I love how they all turned out ♥

Thanks to Mabel :D & Baby fr co-operating, lol.
I was like, "I want many nice pix from this trip idc!!" :O

Candid. I think I was telling him how I wanted the pose to be like. LOL.
& I look small compared to him.


Otw to another island (sorry I forgot the names, it's been too long T__T)
& yep, we sat right in front. I was afraid to get tanned but the wind felt nice :x

W Mabel. Thanks to their waterproof GoPro, we can capture pix like these :D Underwater is fine too but we're noob at that. Turned out blurry or unprepared. Cannot show here, too funny dy lol.

The guys~ It was my first time going on a double date trip.

I very heavy meh now! Why yr face like that? >:(
Sometimes I wonder, why he so big size but so weak. Mwahaha.

Okay, much better!

Yayy, carry me carry me! ;p

Playing w sand like a little kid :x

Time to say byeee & head back fr a refreshing shower.

Candid shot.

Sitting in front, again. We knew we were gna regret it so much but did it anyway, lol.
I ended up having rly obvious bikini tan lines after the trip, fr as long as 4 months if not mistaken.
I was SO devastated. So think twice before sitting in front, people!

Back to our cozy room. Felt so comfortable to finally relax.

Heavy rain while listening to Lana Del Rey ♥ Such bliss.

Food fr 2~ Official birthday dinner @ Carnivore Steak & Grill.

Forgot to take pix of Mabel & Jack's food, heh. Anyway I'm always the "fries kinda girl" while Ade is the "mashed potatoes kinda guy" lol. We shopped fr a bit @ Ao Nang Street after that but I didn't buy anything much, only a pair of beige sparkly flip flops & a bikini.

Then it's time fr our usual tradition again; 7-11 fr more food, snacks & drinks! To be brought back to the villa to enjoy while chatting :D This spaghetti bolognese is a MUST TRY like I've mentioned before, 1 is never enough! It's perfect fr supper during drinking session ;) Forgot what alco we bought but I'm guessing it shud be a fridge-full of Chang beer & diff flavored Smirnoff, lol.

Time fr bed! Part 3 & 4 up next (combined post) ♥
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