New Tattoos After 2 Years ♥

One of the most exciting moments fr me would be.. of course, getting new tattoos! ;D

Besides makeup & shopping, drinks & travelling, one of my favs is getting tattoos. I loveee tattoos ♥ Although over the years I kinda do regret & wish I could turn back time & not get any at all, however what's done is done and I've got 7 on my body now up to date.

Why do I regret, you wonder? Ummmm. Sometimes I wish I could have none, sometimes I wish I have more, depending on how I dress that day LOL I'm weird. Like when I wear casual I love my tatts, but when I'm in an elegant dress I wish I haven't got any :/ It's a love & hate relationship lol.

When I was only in high school I told myself, I won't stop till I get 7 tattoos (7 is my fav number) & just 2 days ago, I finally hit the 7th. It took me 2 years (ever since the last time I got the Roman numerals & 'paradise' in 2014), to think of a design I would like to get. Yeah I know, I've been soo indecisive! But it's permanent so, it's best to take yr time. I went YOLO on my first two & I end up hating them. Don't wna repeat the same mistake anymore(;_;)

And here it is!

My little pink bows ♥♥

{ Pain Rating: ★★★★☆ }

Cute but deadly tho. Most painful area fr tattoos that I ever experience; the tummy! I knew this area was gna hurt but I totally did not expect it to be close to unbearable. The skin is delicate & was so sensitive. The part of the tattoos that are closer to the navel hurts cos of the soft skin, & the part of the tattoos that are closer to the hip bones was cray too. Long story short; I couldn't run from it, LOL.

But I love this design very much, no regrets at all :) Oh, and, people have been asking but there's no meaning to this. All my tatts basically has no meaning actually, lol. I just get what I like :x Only one out of the lot has a meaning, & that's the Roman numerals above my collarbone, on the shoulder.

P/S: It's not all just fun & games. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes...

Before going there, like oh so happy & excited lol. Fav Snapchat filter btw.

Waiting fr my design to be prepared. & yep, I brought Choki Choki & Super Rings to eat which I ended up nt touching hahaha.

First one almost complete. Ouch. & idk why some of the blood looks a bit colorless (*゚ ロ゚) & this was after wiping like, countless times. Lol. Oh, & it took 1.5 hrs instead of 2. Cos the artist kept going faster when she knew I was in pain, gg. Which made me feel it even more tbh fml.

Leave a comment if you have any questions, byeee! Xx.
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  1. I can't even get myself to get one! I love it, i love your rose one the most! hehe

  2. how much did it cost? out of curiosity. i won't ask where coz i know i don't dare get one. lol.

  3. I love it so pretty <333

  4. Very nicely done indeed.. personal opinion ..a little lower and slightly angled I think nicer..

    1. Thanks :) Ooh ic. But I like it this way :)

  5. Nicely done indeed . . Personal opinion . . A little lower nicer