Penang & Ipoh Trip x Volkswagen

I am not even done w my previous Krabi travel post, like, whr is Part 2 & Part 3?!

Yet here I am, back w another trip post; this time to Penang x Ipoh, safely & comfortably in a spacious as well as luxurious sedan; the Volkswagen Passat, thanks to Volkswagen Malaysia.

Made a video on what we did throughout the relaxing & fun 3-days trip. My 2nd video ever on my Youtube (*^▽^*) Don't mind the imperfections & everything, I'm very noob at video editing/taking & it's just fr storing memories ♥

Hope you enjoy it nevertheless! & I'll put some pix down below fr extra details ;)

The exterior of the 4-door sedan is so eye-catching. My favorite part is the fierce LED daytime running lights & LED tail lights. I've always been a fan of fierce looking, sporty cars ;)

The interior has an analogue clock in the dashboard, leather gearshift knob w DSG 7-speed direct shift gearbox, lux leather seats, 'climatronic' air conditioning system w 2-zone temperature control, cruise control, curtain airbag system fr front & rear passengers, dual front & dual front side airbags, mobile device interface MEDIA-In w AUX-In & USB adapter cable, multi-function leather steering wheel w control fr MFD, radio & paddle shift.

Other features? Park distance control, 'Press & Drive' comfort start function, radio 'RCD 10' touch-screen w Bluetooth, 6 CD changer & as many as 8 speakers! :O Not forgetting to mention the wheel locks w extended anti-theft protection. & so many more that you have to check out & test fr yrself.

I absolutely love how I can adjust the seat according to my height, as the car is really big fr me since I'm a petite size girl, the Passat made it not a problem at all after the adjustment :) Furthermore I can connect my phone via Bluetooth & turn on my favorite playlist to listen to during my drive ♥ What's there to not adore?

My friend told me abt the Volkswagen Passat's fuel efficiency & I could hardly believe it till I got back from the trip. Can you imagine, it took us only less than one & a half tank of petrol from PJ to Penang, going about & around Penang, then to Ipoh & back to PJ? (๑°o°๑) Talk abt petrol saving, we were amused by this! The 1.8l 160PS TSI turbocharged direct petrol injection 4-cylinder engine has the capacity of 70 litres of petrol.

Hello, baby~ I'ma take you on a ride on #520 ♥ Love the Pure White color! Also, my ootd :)

Shades: Simple black oversized frames / Cotton On
Top: Choker style long-sleeve / X
Bottom: High waist ripped denim shorts / H&M
Shoes: Nude babydoll pumps / Charles & Keith
Bag: Black x gold hardware Nano Luggage Tote / Céline
Watch: Gold chronograph w diamantes / Michael Kors
Bracelet: White x gold Clic H / Hermès
Car: Passat 118kW (160PS) TSI / Volkswagen. Hahaha!

On da wayy!

First time trying the 'har mee' (prawn mee) & it's safe to say that I kinda fell in love w it :x If you know me well, it's nt surprising that I don't really eat Asian food normally, I mentioned it a few times on my blog before too. & this trip was ALL ABOUT ASIAN FOOD. In the past I'd suffer, but at least now I'm willing to try.

So bummed that the xiu yuk has been sold out tho. We arrived our apartment @ 9.30pm cos most of us had work on a Friday. Checked in, chilled, & reached this place (三條路888福建面) @ bout 10.30pm so yeah.

Next up we went to VAC fr clubbing. It'll be Desmond's birthday at midnight so we wanto celebrate~ °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Took lotsa pix & vids. It was like I was the camera girl throughout the whole journey.

But I really do enjoy capturing moments :) Desmond & Adeline~

Des, Adeline, Grace, me, Fiona & Ade :D 2 guys have to tcare of 4 girls, haha!

#MeanGirls :x Recruiting the 4th member! :x Maybe 8 years later only can find another to join Grace & I's group, lol. #insidejoke

Me & you. Appreciate everything you did fr me during this trip ♥

Shots from my Snapchat~ Was a great night!

& the music was wayy wayyy better than in KL, no joke!! Super upbeat & makes me wna dance even though I stopped dancing fr so long, lol. After that we went back to our apartment & took a shower. Got hungry again so went to have my favorite Mcd breakkieee :D My tummy was satisfied~ I slept at almost 6am & woke up at 12pm, oops.

Air Itam asam laksa was fr lunch the following day, luckily the weather was alright, not so hot :) We also had their famous dessert that was so refreshing & sweet, I loved it so much! ♥ Forgot to take a pic, NOOO (T___T) But it had longan & black jelly in it, you gotta try it when you're there!

Durian → Gurney Plaza → Starbucks → llaollao → apartment → Pulau Tikus Market

llaollao, I fell in love witchu ♥

Had our dinner @ Pulau Tikus Market, where a stretch of tables & food stalls were at. Lotsa tables were full of loklok style food like ours, & it was good and fresh.

Char kuey teow @ RM4.50. The 3 prawns were big & juicy. I also liked the egg & taugeh. The kuey teow seemed a little tasteless fr my liking tho. Can't believe I'm coming to these places eating these food lol! Was a good experience.

Sushi stall → Guppy, Grace & Fiona sneakily went to buy a birthday cake fr Des while Ade & I distracted Des' attention → apartment fr drinking sesh while waiting

Mission failed actually, LOL

I really wish someone took a video of us trying to shift Des' attention once again when the rest came back to the apartment. I was holding the cake & making my way to the fridge when he randomly appeared & saw everything (~_~;)

Many thanks to Guppy fr flying back from China a day earlier just to be our awesome tour guide! :)

Day 3: Zim Sum Restaurant fr dim sum → Ipoh → Thean Chun (天津茶室) fr caramel custard & char kuey teow → Ong Kee Restaurant (安记芽菜鸡沙河粉) fr chicken rice & taugeh.

Meoww~ Ohayo gozaimasu!

And thennn, GSC fr X-Men back in KL (o_o;) Just Ade & I lol so much energy still. Semangat! & we ordered nuggets + mashed potatoes + popcorn + drinks even though we weren't hungry. Been eating too much fr those 3 days till we got so used to it. Came back & weighed myself; I gained 2kgs only, to my surprise :O I expected way more haha.

Anyway, smtg to say abt Ong Kee Restaurant. Tbh I'll never go back thr cos it's expensive & the taste is nt worth the price at all. I can get a plate of chicken rice w taugeh fr like 5 bucks back here & it's more delicious. Plus the waiters thr were kinda rude & thr were flies around even though it's indoor. Wasn't happy.

Ending this post w another word of thanks to Volkswagen Malaysia fr letting me bring this beauty on my journey :) The Passat is a luxurious sedan w good performance & comfortable interior & speakers fr us to enjoy :p

Watch in motion on this video to replace the 'missing pix' on some of the day's activities~ After all LIVE is better, right?

P/S: I super loveeeee Quicksilver from X-Men ♥ Why you gotta be so cute ♥♥
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  1. Your makeup is always so on point! ♥♥

  2. woots woots nice car!

  3. Please make more videos! I like watching this one so much *_* It's nice to know more about your life in motion *_*

    1. Aw thanks! Appreciate yr feedback hehe, I'll try to make more I guess :D