{Review} thecandyskin Velvet Matte Lipsticks

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As some of you may alrdy know from my previous blog post or Instagram, I am a loyal user of thecandyskin

They are not an international brand, they are local, but trust me when I say their makeup is rly good stuff! I've tested most of their products & ended up becoming a regular. P/S: No eyeliner or falsies on cos I'm trying to suit the light colored lipsticks w natural looking eyes so please do bear w me :D

Tonight I've got 4 different shades of their infamous Velvet Matte Lipsticks to try out :D

The chained black oval diamond-cut pendant attached to the packaging printed "thecandyskin"
& floral embroidery print looks beyond gorgeous & unique.

From left to right:

#02: La Păquerette
A beige pink base w beautiful orange undertones.
Looks flattering on fair-medium skintone.

#04: La Helenie D'automme
An adorable & sweet salmon peachy pink color that suits fair skintone.
Want dolly looks? Just get it ;)

#08: La Ficoide Glaciale
A rich terracotta w vivid orange undertone.
Gorgeous shade & wearable for all skintones.

#11: Le Quintefeuille
Vibrant red w cool berry undertone.
If you want a bolder red, this is all you need

Beautiful looking swatches. Super matte & the colors are just so eye-catching!

Wearing #02: La Păquerette.

Honestly the first time I tried it, I felt like I wasn't used to it as I always wear vibrant colors instead of super light colors. But this beige is suitable on a daily basis if you don't wna look too over-the-top. You can go to college/work w this look if you're going fr the sweet innocent girl typa vibe, haha. If I have an event to attend at noon or a lunch w friends I'll try to go fr this fr a change.

Wearing #04: La Helenie D'automme.

To me, the #04 seems exactly like the #02 in terms of color lightness, only this one is in an undeniably pink tone instead.
For pink lovers, this one would look pretty & playful on you ;)

Wearing #08: La Ficoide Glaciale.

Orange tone lipstick! A color not everyone can pull off, including me I admit :x
Don't think I'll ever be able to look good in this but worth a try.

Wearing #11: Le Quintefeuille.

Since I've got natural looking eye makeup on, I've decided to apply only 1 layer of this lipstick color,
so it won't look too much but the cherry red turned out very bold still,
& the matte-ness just makes it look amazing without even trying :O

These lipsticks are priced very reasonably & affordably but who can resist MORE DISCOUNT, right? thecandyskin is currently hosting a founder's birthday month promotion as much as 30% OFF STOREWIDE.

CODE: fbs30

Now you can get yr own Velvet Matte Lipsticks (available in 12 gorgeous shades) on these websites; www.thecandyskin.com

Hope you enjoy it ♥
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