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Things You Should Know Before Deciding to Bleach Your Hair

So.. yeah, I basically killed my hair early last month (._.) The color I initially wanted? Platinum blonde. Got it bleached & damaged to the point where tons of hair broke off as if I just went for a cut and the situation was really, really bad.

But that doesn't stop me from warning others about what I personally know now, just in case :/

So, my hair has been either black or brown for a couple of years now. I finally got bored of my black center parting hairstyle so first, I tried getting bangs. Then I went for a brown dye. Later, this.

At the end, I had to bid my Rapunzel hair goodbye. This is a sad story.


A bit long, but you won't regret reading other people's experiences to know more if you haven't tried getting a super light color before. I wish I actually did some research instead of going YOLO all the time *bang wall*


If you are going for a really light shade of blonde, you won't achieve the result by only bleaching. Some of you might say "duh?" but tbh, I really didn't know. I told this incident to a couple of friends & to my surprise, they've got no clue how it's supposed to be done either. I guess not many people bother or even considered going platinum blonde.

The stylist that I always go to has shifted to Singapore & ever since then, I've been so lost. I can't find someone as good or as knowledgeable as he is so far. & he seemed to really understand what I'd like/what'll suit me. WHY'D YOU HAVE TO GO, ANDY :c

Anyway, normal bleaching would be sufficient, w a dye on top of it. THE END. SO SIMPLE.

But the freaking dude that I went to in a salon, is he an amateur or something? Seriously. I showed him a pic & said "can you do this color for me?" & he was like, "okay, I can". Then, he bleached my hair a few times till it turned white-ish but still yellow-ish (which I told him specifically beforehand that I DON'T WANT a yellow tone). Got a shock & told him, I wanted a whiter tone. He then proceeded to continue bleaching my hair; again & AGAIN. When he was actually supposed to DYE A COLOR on top of the bleach INSTEAD.

The result was hideous, & my scalp was burning, I felt really pissed till I don't want to see anyone at all.

It made my scalp hurt so bad. I felt like there were open wounds all over my head, yea it was that bad. Afterwards, he put some heating machine on top of my head while waiting for the bleach to sink in (?) It was hell. I have high tolerance for pain so you really can't imagine what this is like.


Be prepared to make endless trips to the salon touching up yr roots + getting treatment. I figured that I can't handle that kinda hassle.


Find an experienced stylist who has done this a hundred times before, successfully. No joke. Shoot him any question you wna ask before starting the process. Regretting is no use after as it WILL change the condition of yr hair so make sure this is REALLY what you want. You gotta endure the pain of tangled hair whilst blow drying every single day too. & plus, I've seen many girls who had to cut their hair short after bleaching. Or continue leaving it long as it is but it got so dry & troublesome.


Now here's the uh.. step-by-step story on what I've done when I was feeling bored of my hairstyle (~_~;)

Bangs first. I was kinda okay w it.

Swept it to the side one night fr the side bangs effect.

Decided to go brown. I thought brown'll suit the bangs better. STILL okay w it.

Growing longer, touching my eyes (o_o)

Longer & longer. I refused to cut, cos I started missing my center parting alrdy wadafuq. Girls are hard to please... & I also realize another thing, suddenly (o_o) What kinda boring person am I? All my lip color is the same in all these pix. LOL. I need to start playing w makeup again.

Hello, disaster :/ I was contemplating whether or not to show these photos but.. oh wells.

LESSON LEARNED. My hair is much shorter now due to those breakage (T___T) & it isn't soft anymore, feels like dried grass instead. Yuck. Need time to grow it out super long again. This is when I tell myself; patience is virtue... (⌣_⌣”) *zen mode failing, wadafuq*

Also, nobody knew that I went blonde :x I didn't post it up on social media whatsoever cos at that moment I was just.. upset. I hated it to much that I got it dyed black first thing the next day. Talk about really damaged hair. Bye ):
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