(Silk Road) An Oriental Journey & Art of Blending

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Hi there, beloved readers! :) Continuing from this post, I have since then attended a fine dining event last Saturday by exclusive invite, courtesy of Silk Road :)

Take a look at these fine chopsticks in the elegant case. Undeniably a special type of invitation huh?
I was excited & looking forward to find out what's in store for us ;)

Arrived Metal Bees Production House & saw small sections placed around the lobby to allow guests learn more about the Eastern culture. One of them was the anchient art of Chinese rainbow calligraphy in modern setting. To enrich everyone's experience of the oriental, the master surprised guests w drawings of animals, signs & also names in Chinese.

The spectacular pieces were really impressive & interesting, I'd say!

We were then introduced a few types of Eastern tea as the second part of the journey.

Properly blending tea is truly an art form. There are thousands of different kinds of teas, each w their own individual appearance, taste & aroma. Each tea has its own signature taste to suit individual preference. To make sense of all the varieties possible, teas can be placed in several categories.

At 8PM, pretty ladies in cheongsam ushered us into the main hall where we were serenaded by traditional Chinese music for the sensational fine dining experience by Chef James Won & Enfin Culinary Team.

The art of sight & sound had already enlightened the mood for us thus far,
we wondered what would be on the menu next.

A selfie w pretty Mabel after we settled down onto our seating ♥

The gorgeous Julie Woon as Silk Road's host of the night.

Diana Liu; who sang amazing Chinese classic melodies while we savoured our food.

Last but not least, Chef James Won himself, who educated us more on his finely crafted dishes.

The luxuriant setting of Eastern & Western blend.


Entrée One
Scallop, calamari, citrus, mints and petals
A total sensorial experience that refreshes from smell to taste.
Taste Delivery: Aromatic, creamy & smooth


I truly adore this. The scallops were so fresh & tastefully delicious. Not forgetting that Chef James Won also purposely flew in XL Hokkaido Scallops for us to enjoy. Paired this w Johnny Walker Gold Reserve whisky & it was simply satisfying.


Entrée Two
Green tea salmon 40°, smoked cucumber, textures of potato and green beurre Blanc
A fresh & delicate experience that is balanced.
Taste Delivery: Refreshing, fragrant & floral


The salmon was juicy & succulent w caramelized skin & a hint of green tea flavor that is not too empowering. It's safe to say that this one won over my heart as my favorite dish of the night ♥


Plat Principal
Cordyceps chicken on chlorophyll carpet, porcini mushrooms and pâtes de riz
A balanced, crisp offer with a clean aftertaste that lingers on the palate
Taste Delivery: Woody, bittersweet


Super soft chicken that complimented very well w the broth, mushrooms & rice pasta; which was pretty special. I was already quite full by then but here comes dessert, which is totally my weakness, tbh :p


Plum, cheese, chocolaté and basil


Know how they say girls have another stomach for dessert? Well that's true :x Everything about this was the superb way to end the cuisine for the night. I've never had chocolate, cheese & plum together before but to my surprise they complimented each other's taste in a luscious way. Chef James Won is indeed unique & creative.

Was a pleasure to get to indulge in tasteful & exquisite flavors while we were sent to an Oriental journey through his cuisine. The Eastern influence had definitely blended in w modern times & slowly changing the world, positively. Silk Road was a wonderful experience to start my 2016, so thanks for the unforgettable night! :)
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