Fun Day Out @ One City (MCT Tower) Property Gallery — REO Suite, Subang Jaya

Woke up at 9AM to prepare myself to head out to One City, USJ as I was invited to go hear about the latest highrise — REO Suite which is located in Subang Jaya, also known as the "Latest Piece Of Hidden Jewel". Read reviews of REO alrdy, that it is savvy, modern & contemporary. So it got me excited to view the show unit :O Also, I kinda started to love looking at different houses & imagining how mine's going to be like in the future, haha *wishful thinking*


Arrived the property gallery feeling super fresh instead of sleepy, which was great news since I'm a late sleeper :p

Spotted a cute pink vintage scooter~

Us guests were served w selections of breakfast before the briefing. Was so yum I had 2 helpings :3

I haven't had these kuihs in a very long time! #nostalgic

They've got 3 types of floor plans, starting from RM296,000. & I'd purchase one in a heartbeat if I got the money (T___T) I really want my own place to stay :( Plus the location is actually close to perfect.

Type A: 370 sq ft.

This type has 2 different units to choose from & the only difference is one has a balcony whereas the other doesn't.
I'd totally go for the one w a balcony :D

Type D: 454 sq ft.

Same as Type A, one is w a balcony & the other does not.

Type E: 609 sq ft.

This unit is large & has 2 bathrooms! One director suite, one executive suite, & a whole lot of space!

If you didn't know, my favorite color is pink~ So this one caught my eye first haha.

The fridge, sink counter, & cupboards. Opposite this area is the kitchen counter & more cupboards.

I am in awe of these suites' designs. It is pretty simple yet very cozy to call a home ♥ Not forgetting we'd get a city view every single day :) Just thinking about the nightlights is so mesmerizing too.

Unique colors that will definitely not make your daily life dull :)

The eating table. If it were me I would so invite a friend over for a cuppa coffee at noon, or wine at night ♥ So chilling!

Full-length mirrors are a major yes! ♥ My future home MUST have one (or more! :p) too! It is all girls' fav ;) I can take a bunch of #ootd if I had these mirrors + great lighting like at REO!

Kitchen counter & cupboards. There is a sink counter, fridge & more cupboards too, just opposite the area like Type A.

Example of a pretty decoration idea.

Couldn't resist to pose w the electric guitar! Haha. Even though later on I found out that I held it wrongly :/ Don't mind me, lol. Btw there's enough space in the suite for you to pick up a hobby~ Simply awesome ♥

Check out their Google office concept! It's so cool compared to the traditional cubicles. If I work in a place like this, I'm sure it'd be flexible & fun!

It just makes you feel lively yet relaxing at the same time, get what I mean?

They also have tons of amazing facilities that you would love like the -

BBQ pits
Steam Room
Infinity Pool
Poolside Deck
Zen Garden
Garden Library
Dance Studio
Multipurpose Hall
Meditation Room

& more that you have to check out yourself personally!

I also found this image online to share w you guys. Talk about convenience! At REO, you will be able to connect to KL city & the rest of Subang Jaya :) Moreover, getting around is made easy & traffic-free! Getting to the LRT station is only a short walk away.

So make sure to visit REO Suite for live viewing!

For more information you can check out these links for full details -

REO Suite:
MCT Facebook Page:
MCT Official Website:

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  1. Damnnnnn! All the suites are so amazing and the interior are just so cool! I wish could afford them haha! Looking great in your ootd by the way. :)x

    1. Thankyou for the kind comment! ♥ Wish I could stay in one too hehe.