Being Sick Is Super Ugh

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Best medicines ever?

Hi, loves! It's almost the end of 2016, 4 days left to be exact! And.. I'm sick (~_~;) It must be all that fried food & crazy partying from last week. Can't help it, I love fried food a lot ): I have to take care of myself more from now & stop taking things so lightly as ever *fingers crossed*

Went to the clinic & was given 2 bags of medication; one of the normal pills & another.. these lozenges :O They look & taste like sweets so I'm happy now haha.

Okay bye wdf.

P/S: Can't wait to be up & about again. I'm so bored....

SEP Mask x Watsons Media Launch

Hello! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

This morning, I was @ Glasshouse at Seputeh fr the official launch of SEP — one of South Korea's leading beauty brand which products can now be discovered exclusively at all Watsons near you :D They are famous fr their Jeju Mask Packs that is formulated w clean & natural ingredients from none other than the well-known beautiful Jeju Island itself, aiming healthy beauty.

And to address different skin types, they introduced a range of four types of facial mask packs — Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask, Greeen Tea Soothing Mask, Tangerine Brightening Mask, & Canola Honey Nourishing Mask. Sounds so good alrdy I just wna relax at home & try em tonight!

But first, back to the launch ;)

Thankyou SEP fr being so generous w the goodie bags, love it ♥

I paired my lemon off shoulder ribbon tie sleeves #ootd w white sneakers. Hardly wear dresses w flare skirts, I couldn't stand being super girly since forever so, sneakers it is!

Media & guests were introduced to SEP and educated about the brand by Mr. Yong & Ms. Seo, allowing us to understand the concept & benefits of said Jeju Masks.

Next up was an energetic performance by Malaysian girl group De Fam & they sang 'Don't Let Me Down' and their hit song '#SUPERGIRLS'.

Now lemmi tell you the key ingredients of Jeju Island's exotic nature & perks of each facial mask range that'll help you create perfect and healthy skin! :)

SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask

The Cactus Fruit mask is ultra-moisturizing & it gives dry complexions a revitalizing and hydrating boost as the cactus fruit has a high content of Vitamin C. It also contains many other nourishing natural ingredients from Jeju Island including aloe vera, bamboo, hyaluronic acid & basil. To enhance the absorption of the nutrients, oat seed is added to the mask to gently exfoliate, cleanse & nourish the skin.

This mask is suitable fr sensitive skin as it comes w Salvia extract (a herb that is anti-inflammatory & has sterilization effect that helps revive and heal the skin).

SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask

This ultimate soothing mask is loaded w high concentration of green tea extract that comforts irritated skin, resulting in healthier & more radiant-looking complexion. While tea tree has anti-bacterial & sterilization reaction that deeply soothes the skin, Centella Asiatica has madecassic acid substance that helps skin renewal. On top of that, propolis, yam essence & lavender helps refresh and moisturize the skin, leaving it soft & supple.

Okay, I'm sold! Just sounds so chill yet amazing w getting my skin well taken care of, can? Totally killing two birds w one stone!

SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask

The tangerine one brightens dry & dull looking skin w Jeju tangerine & cucumber that contains rich amount of nutrients, such a Vitamin C which enhances the brightening process & helps diminish the look of existing pigmentation. I really needa let my mom try this! She'd be thrilled to find out that thr's such thing as a facial mask that actually helps w pigmentation :O

This mask also contains all-natural ingredients harvested in Jeju Island, such as Devil's claw herb that is anti-inflammatory & has sterilization effect; Daisy that is great fr detoxification & whitening effect; Edelweiss & Niacinamide that has high content of water-soluble Vitamin B3 which helps skin whitening.

SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask

It's formulated w concentrated honey extract from Jeju Canola Honey that is high in protein, fatty acid, vitamins & minerals that deeply nourishes and intensely hydrates the skin. If you have dry skin, you can consider going fr this honey one :) The addition of Centella Asiatica, also known as 'tiger grass' contains a significant amount of madecassic acid & it helps to revive dull and dehydrated skin.

What's more? Rose water, chamomile & lavender were added to offer a lovely scent that provides soothing effect suitable fr relieving anxiety while aloe vera is extremely popular fr its nourishing properties that moisturizes dry skin, providing the skin a healthy glow.

After learning abt the tempting masks, we were served w buffet lunch & some activities were held. Decorated my own terrarium fr the first time :b

What's in my goodie bag? :D Will reveal in a bit!

Thankyou fr bringing these products to Malaysia! Now we don't need to hunt em down in Korea, haha.

Inside the goodie bag! ♥ I was given SEP Jeju Mask Packs from all 4 ranges, 2 SEP lipsticks (colors: Aurora Red & Dusty Pink) and 1 SEP lip tint (color: Clear Red). Nt forgetting a USB too!

Such luxurious looking packaging fr their lip products! Super happy to receive them :D Nt sure if they have SEP cosmetics here in Watsons, looks like I'll go check it out myself this weekend!


Thr will be a 1 day crazy deal on 1st January 2017 whereby SEP Jeju Masks will be available in all Watsons stores @ only RM1 per piece!

Yes you heard that right, it's RM1 so save the date RIGHT NOW!

(N/p: RM5.90 per piece, RM24.90 per box of 5 pcs)

Cya soon, loves! Off I go pick out a mask then relax in bed enjoying :b I'm probably gna use the Tangerine first cos brightening, duh. Hahaha :p Till then, xx.

Memories I Thought I'd Forgotten


If you don't do stupid things while you're young, you'll have nothing to smile/laugh about when you're old.

This saying is SO true. Having the privilege (LOL privilege) to read Grace's old blog again was really entertaining wdf (at the same time accidentally setting me as the 'Author' slash admin instead of 'Reader' so I can actually hack the entire page haha *evil*). It's locked obviously so don't even think abt searching fr it :b It contains so many old pix & details that I thought I'd forgotten but once I see/read em again it suddenly seems so fresh in my mind.

Oh all the crazy things we've been through.

Really can't imagine how crazy we were last time lol & nt to mention brave. Foolishly brave *rolls eyes* Some examples of the things we did in the past -

x. Sharing clothes then hit the clubs wdf.
x. Leave clothes in each other's houses till we get confused.
x. Dancefloor zz. Packed like sardine aso go. Whattt?
x. Play games in cyber cafes fr hrs & hrs.
x. Save up money & shop.
x. Pass time w pool when we were too bored. 1 game 45 mins, FOL.
x. Taking pictures of everything. & I mean, EVERYTHING.
x. Lost our handbags & purses tgt (T___T) Lost countless phones too.
x. CTS (Chinese tea SUGAR) #youknowiknow
x. She'll come find me in FTZ & complain on and on abt I forgot what while I concentrate on my SDO/L4D & after I'm done we'll go solve her problem LOL (happened a lot of times).
x. Emo tgt, every week few times wdf.
x. I influenced her to wear a short skirt fr her presentation in coll or smtg when she wanted a knee-length one LOL.
x. Asked me to acc her to the clinic to pretend being sick to get MC.
x. Countless, COUNTLESS yumcha sessions. We just wanted to get outta the hse only aso happy dy.
x. Walked to each other's houses/sleepovers. Less than 5 mins walk reach lol. Thr was once her hse didn't have electricity at noon & she MSN-ed me asking if she could take a nap here & I was like, "sure". LMAO #steady.
x. Falling down everywhr. Bruises, cuts everywhr. & we didn't even care!
x. Her very first tattoo experience while drunk. Wild & epic.
x. Joining Facebook & running back to Friendster (~_~;) + Plurk! Lmao.
x. Argued once due to a misunderstanding & stopped talking fr months. But I always believe that if two ppl argued badly & are okay back, the friendship is bound to last. But let's nt argue again ok ♥
x. Sharing our deepest darkest secrets. & trusting each other w em.

I duwanna list anymore, this's just the rough view of it, duwanna go too extreme :X Overall we got into lotsa trouble (even w the police) but I won't change a thing. Best memories ever, haha ♥ She's seriously the person I've been through most with in my life apart from my family. Love you, bestie!

P/S: We've grown up now :') & we've mistaken; it's nt just 8 years of sistership but 10 like you said, if times chatting on game/tagboards/MSN were counted, heh.

Not An Angel Yet

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Leave me alone, I'm not an angel yet...

I always listen to this song by City Sleeps whenever I am troubled or, really sad. But when I'm happy, it's like this song doesn't even exist to me. I know, I'm weird. After over a month of enduring & trying to stay strong, trying to find out what's actually going on, I'm finally giving in and listening to this song again. I can't deny that I'm worried. & I can't deny that I've been pretending to be alright & lying to myself into being positive when I know I can never feel fine again until the problem resolves.

Or will it ever be resolved?

I'm tired of smiling in front of my friends, family & bf so they don't worry abt me. Although the other night I sorta had an unintentional silent breakdown (I call it silent cos, I tried so hard not to cry w any sound lol..) in front of the bf when I was laying in bed & he was on his computer, cos I couldn't control those worrying thoughts much longer. I felt like I was about to burst.

But I guess, whatever happens, happens. Life is beyond my control & if it's too late to regret, I'll just have to accept my fate. It's all my own fault anyway. I'm responsible fr myself.

Please excuse my emo-ness lol but my blog is my space to express & stuff, as usual :X


On a brighter note, I finally got a desktop again :D All thanks to bf!! ♥ A desktop in my room, so happy hehe. My laptop died but it served me well all these years.

I also got back from Tokyo, Japan not long ago. I miss Japan alrdy. Wish to stay thr. If only..

Going thr made me start to love nature, so so much ♥ I wish to see as much as I can. New #wishlist. Can't believe what I've been missing out this whole time. All I wanted to do was party & enjoy the city life. I also get homesick easily. Well nt anymoreee!

Bought a new camera fr this trip & I'm deeply in love w it. Just look! No filter needed *heart eyes* The weather was superb & everything was beautiful. Definitely another kind of therapy. Felt so amazing.

DWP @ Jakarta in 3 more days! Been sometime since I went to a rave. First one w bf & bestie Grace too. So I'm looking forward to it! Will try my best to enjoy myself :) Proper update soon, x.

& thankyou if you read all my ramblings.


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First Time Getting Glasses

Hello, November~ ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

2016 is coming to an end & it's funny how day by day ntg seems to change but when you look back, everything is different. And indeed, quite a lot happened this year.

Fr example, getting glasses :O I never thought I'd have to finally give in & get these someday. My vision hasn't been perfect fr the past years but I thought I could "avoid/ignore" it. Which's not good, I know. Until recently I start to feel my eyesight becoming worse so, I'm left w no choice.

Tattoo parlor first (almost every week *gasp*) + no contact lens day. Thanks Ade fr the pic! Lol he posted me on his Snapchat. I went thr to find him. & I'm tempted to get new tatts too but idk of what. Yet. I'd love a full sleeve if only, Malaysians are more open-minded :/ I duwanna be stared at wherever I go.

Then here are some candids taken while I was in progress of losing my "spectacles virginity" at the optical shop :x

Hmm I didn't know my hair is like super ombre from the back view. Lol!

Getting my power checked w this thing.

I had an easy time choosing my glasses as I alrdy know what design I want, lol. I'm usually a fast shopper fr a girl, I'd say :x I chose a slightly large black thick square framed Armani Exchange one.

Then I was brought into a room whr I had to try on diff lenses & read some lettering :O

I may look as if I'm okay here but I got a lil dizzy actually. Hope this feeling goes away & I'll get used to the glasses soon. & surprisingly I'm liking myself wearing em. Diff look, haha.

Back to Ade's place w my precious girl Sweetie. I miss her so much.

Another Tattoo?! x My Simple Day

Ooh, looks like I've been blogging more often :D But nope, I didn't get a tattoo this time around haha. #you'vebeenconned, sorry :b It's actually my bf but we'll get to that later.

Rmb how most of us used to blog in a style whr we type out every single thing we did at outings? In DETAIL? Sometimes even too much details wdf like the timing aso must say exact lol. During years 2006~2010 (or even way before, idk). Our younger version used to take pix of every single thing; the food that we ate, silly faces that we made, friends that came & go, strangers, fitting room/washroom pix, sticker booth (lmao), roadside pix wdf & a lot more, literally everything.

It was the ERA when almosttt EVERYONE owned a blog & was updating very actively on em.

Today, in 2016, I'm gna do one of those posts, fr the sake of reliving nostalgia :O Lol. This makes me reminisce so much & I'm feeling sad that youth is nt forever. Time flies & I'm getting older *broken heart emoji*


I just stick this Panaflex thingy instead of going fr checkup. #stubborn #scared (/□\*)・゜

If you read my previous blog post you'd know the bf & I got into a car accident & I'm nt in normal condition. I googled & found out that I'm experiencing smtg called whiplash. Plus bruises on my arm & hip bone. But I decided to go on anyway w Ade's tattoo appointment since the design has been drawn/prepared fr some time & I figured that staying home will make me think of the pain more.

Since the tatt is gna take hours to complete, I planned to go walk around & shop, maybe have a cuppa coffee. I don't mind being alone sometimes, that's just another weird side of me. & I LOVE shopping so I woke up @ 10AM in a good mood despite the discomfort & started to get ready.

Arrived @ 12PM & I didn't wait fr him to say "B what you wna eat" like he normally does since he's always so indecisive lol. I was craving Pepper Lunch & we went straight thr.

This was what I ordered; Beef Pepper Rice + add on egg is a must :D

Just looking at this is making me crave again. Ahhh!

I chose the set that comes w an icecream (Mango) + drink (Iced Peach Green Tea). It's my first time trying their icecream & I have to say I really like it!

Next up, it's tattoo taim! He looks so sleepy, aw.
& I can't believe I'm starting to buy caps... This's my 2nd cap.

Doin their thanggg.

Before. You'll get to see the 'After' as you read on ;)

Stared at this fr awhile before I got bored & went fr a much needed retail theraphy haha.

How many lipsticks does a girl need? Well.. I have enough lipsticks, says no girl ever hahaha. Look at my hand, those are the 3rd round of swatches, after I wiped off the 1st & 2nd rounds' (≧∇≦) Don't think I'll even use most of those colors I picked wdf but they're still pretty as collectionnn! Idc! ♥

Hoodie & lace bralette: H&M
Shorts: X
Sneakers: Louis Vuitton
Bag: Celine

Are you nt used to seeing me in this kinda style? Me either.

Randomly walked into H&M, chose 3 items to try, bought all 3 items (-__-;)

Although my mission of the day is to find nice boots (fr Japan) & sneaker wedges (fr a rave)... Instead I didn't buy my needs, I bought my wants fml good job Raine.

Alsooo, #fittingroomselfie! How long's it been? Lol!

Went towards the men's section to get a black hoodie fr le bf too. So we can be matchy, hee. & yeah ikr, that Bieber tee. I don't like Bieber don't misunderstand lol I'm just trying to take pix of every single nonsense like the young me would. This is supposingly a "nostalgic post" rmb~

Then I received a msg from Ade asking me if it's convenient to get him green tea and I went straight to buy it fr him & one fr his tattooist friend. I didn't wna delay cos I totally know how that feels. Thirsty while tattooing can be quite unpleasant. Saw him again & he told me it's painful but remained calm the whole time as if it didn't hurt :O Poker face pro.

Continued walking around entering random gift shops in hopes of finding a gift fr Grace.

Her bday is very soon & I just don't know what to get her! She doesn't like makeup, else it'd be so easy (wdf sucha girly girl say don't like makeup!) & I alrdy bought her perfume last year..

Went to a few shoe shops but couldn't find any boots or sneaker wedges that I like, sob. & Aldo hasn't had any new arrival in months *thinking emoji* Looks like mission unaccomplished ): I almost bought unnecessary stuff like heels but I managed to hold back, thank God. I have wayy too many heels. So many that I didn't wear. Keep wasting money. So yea, I managed to run away. Lol.

Was queue-ing fr Chatime. Walk so long thirsty you know lolol.

Sunday so many ppl sumore super long queue gg. Everywhr was swarming w humans. Took this pic to send to Ade asking him whether he wants another drink cos I was abt to head back to the tattoo parlor. He said it's okay so I just bought roasted milk tea w pearl fr myself.

Waiting waiting~

After 3.5 hrs in total; the final result. Thr was a specific meaning to why he did this but I forgot :O Gotta ask him again omg my lousy memory.

Sunway Pyramid finally has these auto ticketing booths. Saves up so much queue-ing time.

Cheese sausages. & I smuggled pretzels in :x The craziest stuff I ever smuggled was a full set of Burger King & Starbucks lmao. I'd bring other food in when I'm nt feeling popcorn.

We watched Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Didn't even realize it's a 2 hrs 7 mins movie, that probably means I was enjoying it? Although the part whr they introduced the peculiar children was so lame lol.

My fav in the cast is Olive the fire girl. She's sooooo pretty. Second would be Emma. Both super pretty ♥ I love their porcelain skin, envy much.

Personal rating would be 6/10. This movie had way more potential tbh. Homed right after that at bout 10.30PM wow super early. I was tired & needed to rest, my neck started to hurt a little more.


Unrelated but I'll just add lol.

Earlier's @ Nando's. Took this candid.

Shopped some more. Faux fur hoodies fr Japan trip yayyy. Very comfy pieces! Thr were lotsa colors but I chose grey & black :x Monochrome is love~

Btw~ I had fun blogging this & taking the pictures :D I had a fun 2 days despite the crazy aching feeling. Telling myself that positivity is key no matter how afraid I am of being happy again. Much appreciation to family & friends that care. You know who you are :)
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