Panasonic Beauty — The All-New Compact Straighteners

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Attended Panasonic Beauty Lounge last Friday for the introduction of Panasonic's all-new range of beauty products; the compact straighteners :) It was held @ Marble 8, Kuala Lumpur.


Presenting the three trendy Panasonic Beauty hair straighteners alongside models w gorgeous hair styled using the products mentioned.


Panasonic Beauty's brand ambassador Aishah Sinclair tells us how Panasonic Beauty products has contributed in her daily lifestyle.


EH-HV51 (6-WAY) Multi-Styling Straightener
It comes w 5 attachments that can create a total of 6 different hair styles. With its new technology, the even heat distribution plate, heat is evenly distributed thus enabling hair to be styled more quickly and evenly & can be ready to use in just 15 seconds!

EH-HV20 (2-WAY) Straight & Curl Straightener
This 2-way hair straightener also has the even heat distribution plate & can be ready to use in 5 seconds (similar with EH-HV51). With 105mm extra-long plate, this hair straightener offers speedy straightening & easy curling.

EH-HV10 (Compact) Straight & Curl Straightener
Measuring just 23.5cm, this hair straightener is so compact that it can be stored in a bag. Providing beauty solutions on the go regardless of the time & place. Also this hair straightener is ready to use in just 40 seconds. *this one comes in three fun colors for you too choose from!*


What's really cool is that all three products can be used as BOTH straighteners & curlers at the same time. Talk about versatility & convenience! It's such a hassle to lug 2 individual electronic devices around. What annoys me the most is having to bring so much stuff. Now w the compact sized Panasonic Beauty Straighten & Curl Straighteners, you can have multiple hairstyles anywhere anytime as you desire! Plus, these straighteners look super pretty & girly (♥__♥)

Also, thanks to Panasonic's cutting edge technology, the straighteners are made of Even Heat Distribution Plate, w Color Care Photo Ceramic feature that maintains hair moisture & reduces color fade.


Samantha getting a quick demo by the senior stylist.


Which color is your favorite? ;)

The white & baby pink one stole my heart~ Those diamantes & the diamond design cover, who could resist? ✧ This product measures only 23.5cm but although it's small & light, it's equally powerful w Color Care Photo Ceramic Plate set at a fixed temperature of 210˚C, which's really good bcos yr hair color won't fade easily.


The most outstanding one though, is definitely the EH-HV51 (6-WAY) Multi-Styling Straightener as it offers 6 different ways of styling yr hair w a click of button! From straight, voluminous, medium curls, large curls, & even extra large curls! (o__o) Just change the attachment according to yr preference & you're ready to use within 15 seconds! Yes, that's right, heating up this product takes as fast as only 15 seconds! The temperature is also adjustable to cater to different individuals choices. Panasonic has really outdone themselves! So much thought they put in for us girls' convenience & advantages!


Ending the afternoon w some bubbly :3 Thank you Panasonic for having us & for the lovely door gifts, in addition from allowing us to be a part of this wonderful & beautiful experience ♥

All straighteners are now available at Panasonic authorized dealers & online store.
Check them out & be amazed ♥


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