New hairstyle after a long 1.5 years?

Been thinking bout cutting bangs & dyeing a light ash color fr a coupla months now. Bf says YOLO, but I'm hesitating madly lol. The last time me would do it in a heartbeat. Cos I love change & I was very experimental w hair colors if you never knew.

But this time it's very different la cos my fringe is super, super long till it blends in my hair length. If I ever cut it & regret whatsoever it's gna take AGES to grow again. So I gotta decide wisely...

Earlier I came home from dinner & coffee and randomly started playing w my hair while I was taking selfies lol.

Then, this happened.


HAHA looks quite fake tho. Cos it's messy & so obvi that I tucked the "side swept bangs" behind my ear.

Showed le boyfie & his reaction was, "waaa damn different". I gotta agree too. I seriously look different (o__o) In a good or bad way idk lol. Posted this up on insta & fb, waiting fr responses. So far it's more yay's than nay's.

Then my camera battery died. Realized that I didn't charge it fr 3 weeks dy nor use it much. What happened to le selfie queen as my friends always call me? (._.) Got out my iPhone instead and.. omg spammed photos.

Btw don't act all smart, thanks, I was wearing a tube dress that's a bit low-cut, I'm not topless k.

I honestly duno how I feel about this hairstyle & whether or not shud I keep it...

It does get on my face a lot. Pffts.

But when it doesn't, I realize that I like it :O

Left side.

Front. My hair's naturally stick straight. No rebonding/straightening like I'm always asked.

This right side angle though, I don't like...

See, my head on top like so flat so weird.

Duno how. Don't like this right sideee.

Hmm, no way to fix it?

Tucked neatly behind ear.



In my Winnie the Pooh PJs, lawl. Yeah, I'm still Mummy's little girl.

My thoughts

❤ I love the left side only, the right side is a bit weird.

❤ My hair keeps falling to my face. Probably it takes time fr my hair line to adjust since the previous hair line I kept it fr 1.5 years or way more.

❤ I think I look fresher, I love it actually lol, just that the right side needs some fixing hmm ;/ I'd probably go to a hairstylist to ask him fr suggestions but I'm afraid he'd end up talking me into cutting some parts or smtg zz.

Your thoughts? Keep this? Go back to the old style? I shud go to a hairstylist fr professional advice? Try out on cutting bangs & dyeing light ash color? I'd appreciate it if you drop a comment. Thanks fr reading :D


EDIT/UPDATE: (22/01) I was going out to meet up w some of my old friends & decided that I'm not confident to show them this sudden hairstyle lol! So I changed it back to my previous parting for now ;/ Till then?

Also, I realized that the first pic on this post looks soo stupid! Laughing at myself now (~_~;) What was I thinking posting it up?? I look like punk girl wannabe style lor that fringe HAHA.


Yerrr. KBAI.
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    1. I put it back to normal ady T___T Can't decide just yet, haha. Update yr blog pls!!