New Blog Layout Nov ʼ14

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I'm so happy tonight cos I managed to spend some time to change my blog layout :D It's about time too, my old one is almost a year old I think, lol.

Anyway I don't ever go fr photoshoots.. simply bcos I don't feel confident about myself or comfortable posing fr ppl to take photos of me (._.) I don't even know how to pose to be honest. I really fail at being a girl. Am never a confident person in the first place.

I've been declining photographers that approached me along the years. I didn't feel any purpose to do it ;/ Till my sister's photographer asked me fr the 3rd time during multiple occasions & just when I needed a new blog header, I finally gave in & thought; maybe I shud give it a shot, since I've been delaying this fr the longest time. My blog will definitely look better w a professionally taken photo, I hope? I guess anything's better than my own lousy selfie photo quality & noob editing (>__<;) Haha! I was really wishing I'd get at least ONE good photo to make the layout with. That's how much I don't believe in myself.

This was the previous layout. #justformemories & omgosh I feel a lil speechless now haha.


What's up w all that glitter? Lol, too much glitterrr. But I still love the black & gold theme, that's my fav color combo as I've mentioned before a few times :p

And now.. this, for a change.


Look at the contrast! (O__O)

The colors are much softer, & it looks way more girly haha. So not me though cos I totally moved on from the girly girl phase. So I'm not sure what went on in my mind while making this. & credits goes to Logan fr the picture, I didn't know I can pose like that lol (~_~;)

Will update again soon w the rest of the pictures & about my first ever photoshoot experience. Thanks fr reading people, byee & goodnight :D ♥♥
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