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It's been ages since I last blogged a personal post. Ignore this if you duwanna read my emotional thoughts.

Been doing ntg the past few days but sleeping very late & waking up early. Not that I want to but I've been having insomnia. Super annoying & it won't go away nor leave me alone. It worsens my mood, not like I'm nt having enough stress & problems alrdy. I don't even have the energy to go out. Whenever friends plan smtg & asks me I keep rejecting nowadays. Till they feel so weird & question me but I don't really know how to answer, as I'm used to keeping things to myself.

I express much, much better through writing. I guess that's bcos I'm an Aquarius. Even listening to sad songs during situations like these can make me really emo. Also & again, is bcos I'm an Aquarius. I always act tough & act/try my best to not mind some things but sometimes when I fail to control it, I realize that I actually do & start bursting into tears when triggered like a dumb timebomb and become upset out of nowhr.

Then I did finally go out earlier (after a couple of days of staying in though) fr a short while in case I go mad “locking myself up” or smtg (-__-;) Just fr a cup of coffee but came home within the hour. What's happening to me?

Ate only porridge that lasted me the whole day. I don't even feel hungry & it's currently 5.58AM as I'm typing this. What's happening?


This insufficient sleep state due to thinking too much has really taken its toll on me. My skin condition became really bad & dry, also popping out mini zits. I'm even more sad & stress now than I alrdy was...

Why is life treating me like this? So bored of my stupid, empty life.

If only..

P/S: Feel like deleting this post sigh. Feel so dumb after writing it.
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