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You are the sun in my sky
Even when the stars all die
You are gonna make me shine
You make me shine cos

I’m born forever your guide
For all of my life
I will be by your side
And I’ll be there when you fall, yeah
And there’ll be no pain at all

And I’ll be your shelter
Your shelter from the storm
Yeah always be your shelter
I’ll be there if you fall
And if you walk a lonely road
Know that you’re not alone, yeah
Cos I’ll be your shelter
Your shelter from the storm

So when rain’s coming down
Feel you can’t stand your ground
I won’t let you drown

Your shelter from the storm
Your shelter from the storm

Even though it's a very short song, it's beautiful & somehow deeply touched me. Feeling a bit emotional right now after hearing Shelter by Dash Berlin, at this late hour.

This song is from his new album 'We Are', which was released just yesterday & being a super huge fan girl of Dash Berlin, I just had to listen to it immediately. You can too, the full album is on Spotify.

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