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Sawadeeka! ;) I touched down KL from Bangkok last Friday midnight. Spent 4 awesome days there & I'm missing the moments too much alrdy. I didn't wna go home!

Shall update about my trip as soon as I'm done w a couple of reviews & ads. Deadlines are closing in moreover I've been working once I got back. Really wish I've more than 24 hrs a day, it simply just isn't enough.

& I need more excitement in life. I believe thr is so much more to life it's just that I haven't seen them yet. I need chances to get outta the box. Outta the comfort zone I've deeply buried myself in & stupidly decided that I never ever wna surface. An Aquarius can't stand anything dull, it's never in their dictionary. & when we do have to face and go through all things dull even just fr awhile, we get frustrated.

Now, where & what should I seek that from?

I'm not all in fr nightlife anymore like I always do (I know, what a sudden change in such a short period of time), so I feel lost. I don't want to waste anymore time. I refuse.

Gotta pick up a hobby to keep myself busy; as a start. A hobby that I really, really like, so I won't feel it'll be somewhat a chore or be reminded that it actually is smtg that I forced myself into on purpose to distract my mind. I do get bored of smtg easily, the sparks usually die off after a week or two.

But the toughest question in the world that appeals to me is, what is IT? What am I meant to do, exactly? Who am I? Oh God, help me.
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