FMFA 2014 x ASOT 650


It's Thursday! Let's do a #throwbackthursday to 13th & 14th March ’14; moments I wish would never end.

Awesome side to this year's FMFA @ Kuala Lumpur to me is, I got to see Armin Van Buuren & Paul Van Dyk. I was veryveryvery happy on Day 2, jumping & raving & dancing. Hyper!! And I got quite a good spot at VIP w my lovelies. It was one of the best nights of my life. I miss it so much. Someday I hope I can go fr other big raves like Tomorrowland & Ultra Music Festival *keeping fingers crossed*

The first day was just alright, I enjoyed Will Sparks’ Ah Yeah! the most ;) Also, we had a very bad haze in the city at that time. Some people wore masks. But that won't stop us!

That's my favorite of the night haha. Instavideo is a MUST when I heard him spin this song!

The stage was small though, & the bass wasn't loud. Quite a disappointment on the set. Plus the venue was being changed last minutely from the usual Sepang International Circuit to Stadium Bukit Jalil (−_−#)

Martin Garrix made a surprise appearance. He was supposed to be in the line-up fr just Day 3. A different touch to his infamous “Animals”. & guess what, he was hanging out @ VIP too later on but I was too blur to realize!!!! Many took pix w him & I only saw them AFTER I left, sigh.

If it were ATB or Armin I swear I'd cry my eyes out lol.


I loveee Asahi.


Aloysius & I~




Peace sign lol.




Hair aso messy dy omgg but it was really hot so..


Bumped into Nelson. Thanks fr the pic (: Decided to leave when Deadmau5 was playing cos I was hungry & am nt a fan. But R3hab was not bad!

Day 2!!! A State Of Trance. Armin's opening song; EIFORYA, my favoritest of all my favorites!! (I know I have wayy too many favs fr everything lol but bear w me kays)

I got SO excited when this was happening, I really was. I was practically jumping up & down shaking all my friends & sister then turned back to the stage w my hands in the air. I think they kinda looked astonished at me (´・_・`) Oh well, it's ARMIN *breathes* I can see him every single day & won't stop feeling like this.

Here's a video that's so worth sharing. Armin Van Buuren's full set LIVE in Malaysia. ASOT 650 MY ♥♥♥ Wish I can relive March 14th so badly!!


Mabel. Carlsberg towards the end of the night bcos Asahi was out of stock.


+ Lim and Jack :D


The sisters ♥




& another.


& another! Lolol nonstop.


The crowd behind us was massive! Keep calm, & rave on ;)


Snapped this when sitting on the tuk tuk lookalike thingy back to our car, a free service. & laughed out loud when I saw the outcome of this photo. Look like couple photo whaturf but no ah, please ah.

The night ended great & I even went fr second round afterwards :X Although I was alrdy exhausted I couldn't wait fr Day 3 to see ATB. I listened to ATB since like what, 6 years ago? I am a HUGE FAN of his. I am crazy for him. & whatmore I've won myself a Meet & Greet. & I can bring one person w me. I seriously couldn't wait I was ecstatic.

Next day, which's the last day of FMFA w the most artists in the line-up, an incident just must spoil it all. I woke up feeling tired from 2 days straight of raving but rushed myself to get ready as Jack was gna pick me up soon. All of a sudden I got WhatsApp msgs from friends telling me that the event is rumored to be cancelled.

I couldn't believe it. HOW CAN THAT BE? Went on FB & everyone's asking questions but receiving no answers. Waited & waited, hoped & hoped. Till the official announcement was released that it was indeed cancelled. Police were everywhr outside the stadium, telling all ravers that the event is cancelled & that they cannot enter.


; Six die of drug overdose at music festival
; Music festival cancelled after drug overdose deaths, say organisers


My Meet & Greet session schedule. Supposed-to-be. My heart was crushed.

I cried on & off fr 3 days & emo-ed the next 2 days. My ATB.. Sigh! I know you might think I'm very kua jiong but that was how I really felt that time. Then I listened to his songs fr weeks, I was unable to move on.

Till today, I still do think about it. That was how much I wanted to meet him/have a picture w him/say hi. It was so close & I was happy fr ntg. Idk la omg overly obsessed & over thinking ignore me bye.

Love you. For now & always.
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  1. Waaahhh hou gao lik lohh. Cry for so many days!! T__T I can totally understand how you felt then! (but in a completely diff situation of course. hahahaah)

    You know you should move on or give up but then you still think there's 'HOPE'. </3

    1. Yeah babe. I think it's worse than some of my past breakups hahaha.