I'm a Tattoo Lover Chick

Got myself 2 new tattoos last month on the 27th ♥ Ever since my previous on Nov ’12. Wide gap I know. All of a sudden I had a strong urge to do it, after what seemed so long.

Anyway I usually get em done one by one but these 2 are small, so I figured I'd get both at the same time & God was I exciteddd. I was telling Des to book an appointment right away. Like, on that day itself lol how silly cos they're obviously full so I had to wait 3 days. & yep, him & I went together cos he wanted to add on.


The Roman numerals X∙III∙LXII is 10.3.62, my mom's birth date.

We're really close, she's a mom that I look up to & the craziest best friend; all together. We can hang out & do stuff & talk about the most random things. She's done so much fr me that I can never ever repay back even w my life. I really wonder how she manages to cope w such a brat like me, pampers me like crazy, yet still loves me unconditionally, nonetheless. Always thr fr me, always had my back. I just love her, she means everything to me. Also, this is the first out of the 5 tattoos that I have which actually has meaning to it. Lol, so I'm actually very glad I did this.

And paradise on my left hand; this one's actually inspired by Lana Del Rey. Adore her, adore her music. She really is something. You don't often get to see me liking other celebs.

I actually want that tattoo on my hand cos I like the position but didn't know what word to choose. I considered daydream, lullaby, bittersweet, & bulletproof but picked paradise in the end.

I love what I've got & I somehow feel it's not enough. Feel like getting more!

Arrived the studio @ 5PM, even the tattooist knows very well that I wake up late so purposely gimme this kinda timing haha, downloaded the fonts I wanted, got everything printed & stuff.


In the midst of preparing.


Done w my choice of sizes. 2 pieces of paper stuck to my hand & shoulder first, then it was Des’ turn to discuss his while I.. camwhored (*≧▽≦) Full length mirrors were my ultimate love last time, I vain in front of it a lot but I seldom do now, no idea why.

My #ootd. How do you like me in boots? Lol not used to it right, so am I.


I call them my baby doll boots tho hahaha. Quite like it, but noob duno how to match.


Getting my tatts halfway got Yummy Flowerz delivery!! So cute, I love my strawbies & chocolate bouquet. Thanks Eric, fr coming all the way too :)

Happy that those Roman numerals suits my roses. Paradise also completed. Shoulder was 0% pain but hand stings a little.

Took a video on Instagram anyhow! ;)


His turn.


My hubby Tiësto logo. Woooo! (forgot to snap the fully done version, noo)

Speaking of Tiësto, I wish I can turn back time to Oct 5th when I last saw him ): The moment he played “Take Me” I fell even deeper. But I won't until so siao go do his logo on my body la haha I don't quite think the design looks good on girls.



Went home after late dinner & continued taking pix lol. It was a great day ;D
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  1. i like the glow on your post titles. how'd you do that? also, i would've probably gone with Bittersweet (on the hand) instead of Paradise. nonetheless, looks good (: how many tattoos do you have and what are they of?

    1. Try to google "glowing text in html code" :) I've got 7 up to date.