When the Puzzle Connects


iPhone front camera's quality. Blurry & dotted zz.
Oh, & surprise, no makeup! (except brows) Hurmm (._.)


I've been sleeping a lot but why do I still feel so tired these days? See.. Not well, & I look extremely short here, lawl. Omg I'm like at the lowest point right now. This is not good. I can't wait to dress up, doll up, & get back on track.

Yepp, I wasn't feeling well but insisted to go out for a drink anyways. Or two. Maybe three *shifty eyes* Hahaha. I didn't care, it's time to enjoy my single life ヽ(*^ω^)ノ✧✧ Don't dwell in the past, don't think so much, & just enjoy the moment ♥ Ni jiang dui bu dui haha.

& I also spent a little time reading this lately;


Fifty Shades of Grey, by E. L. James. Erotic romance novels :O

Bought em several months ago, or did half a year fly by already?! Lol. But I didn't make any time to get started. As you can see the 2nd one is still wrapped nicely in the plastic. I like keeping my novels new & get pretty upset when the pages turn brown or smtg haha. But yeah, I love reading (:

Christian Grey.

Fell in love w this name & character. He is like, so very charming. Ikr, I fall easily for characters in books zz. & I've always wished they'd come to life. Just for me. Cos they all seem so perfect — like a fairytale. I guess this is part of what made me a hopeless romantic plus have high expectations on guys. & fairytale type of love. I am madly influenced by stories & movies. Not cool.

Anyways, back to Christian Grey. He gives me the chills up until.. his weird fetish appeared outta nowhere. Seriously nowhere. I am in utter shock. So strange one, never expected that at all. You gotta read it yrself to know what I mean. I stopped right there & shall continue tmr or smtg.


Green tea Kit Kat from Japan airport nomnomnom. Oh wells, get well soon to me! ♥

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