Tell me life is beautiful, they all think I have it all


You got that medicine I need. Dope, shoot it up, straight to the heart please.

Just promise you'd be there for me when I fall. Be there for me through it all, & that's more than enough. Instead of trying so hard to prevent me from falling & often telling me off cos that's when I'll run the opposite direction, away from you. I feel judged, I feel your eyes on me. It's as if you're watching every step that I make. I feel uncomfortable.

Everybody makes mistakes.
{I am still in the midst of learning}

If you keep worrying & focusing on the bad, how & when are you going to enjoy the good? You are so careful w yr decisions. While I, on the other hand, am your total opposite. I know clearly what's right & what's wrong but I always follow my heart. Yes, I am clumsy like that.

It's nt that I'm telling you that you can't warn me whenever you feel smtg's going wrong, yes you could but please, just please don't pick little arguments w me every single day, can you not? It's so exhausting. I don't want to be complained about every small thing I do. I don't have time for all the petty fights, it's draining me out.

Nw I've got the urge for a simple getaway. Where nothing matters, where no one knows anything bout me & I can completely be myself. Where no one wants to change me.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but avoiding you & not speaking w you unnoticeably made these unnecessary problems vanish. I hope I don't have to feel suffocated no longer, I miss being carefree. I probably need someone that can chill, & you know, just enjoy great moments together. Not stopping me from this & that, telling me I shudn't do that & this. The list goes on.

Call me stubborn but that's the way I am...

My feelings? Doesn't matter. What's wrong w chasing my own happiness, even if they are sourced by seemingly all the wrong things? As long as I'm happy, right? Live life to the fullest, w no regrets.

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  1. from what i read, looks like you've done nothing wrong. always go for what you want. and dont let anybody stop you. a partner should be companionship and compliment each other's life. not complicate it....

    anyway, keep ur head high!