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Up up w the people I adore ♥♥ Mabel, Desmond, Jack & Jason. It was a last minute midnight drive to Genting, wasn't quite planned. The mist was super thick, wind was blowing & we were freezing very badly lol.

These are members of the “Bomb Me + Party” group chat hahaha. Excluding Wei Kit, he's nt inside cos he started classes nt long ago & often need to wake up early in the morning so he didn't get to join us. I miss that crazy partner in crime of mine ):

So, the meaning of “Bomb Me?”

It's actually an iPhone game lol. There was a period of time when they were all crazy bout it & would often play, then they tried polluting my brain & attempted to make me addicted to the game also. But failed. I played for 3 whole hours the first time when we were at Coffea Coffee & that was about it, didn't like it anymore haha. Idk how they can play till nw lo it's been months! Plus they are very competitive & use real cash to buy items *bang wall*

The meaning of “+ Party?”

I think this one needs no introduction la lol. That's obviously for me I'm all about having fun.

We'll be meeting again & heading out for drinks later at Giza. Always spontaneous, one of them even suggested a BBQ party tmr omgg. But I doubt that'll happen, it's a bit too rush, probably postpone ba.

Feeling so young, wild & free. I love my life without any guys interfering, making me stressed out, getting hurt & whatnot. Only fun & happening people, please! :3 Loves.

P/S: I'm so loving black hair now ♥♥
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