This Woman Cray Cray

I was at work ytd when this happened. A Chinese auntie & daughter came to my events booth, wanting to try a pair of shoes. There were many customers at that time and I was busy w another lady when..

Chinese daughter: 我要36号!
(I want size 36)

Me: Please wait for awhile *in Cantonese cos I'm not fluent in Mandarin*

Suddenly I heard a high pitched..

Chinese auntie: Amoi! Size tiga enam!

Me: ... *repeats in Cantonese* Wait for awhile.

Chinese auntie: OHH 我以为她是马来人 eh!
(OHH I thought she's a Malay eh!)

While checking if the size is available or not..

Chinese auntie: *points at me* 我以为她是马来人! *laughs as if it's fucking funny*
(*points at me* I thought she is a Malay! *laughs as if it's fucking funny*)

Me: I have to go to our shop at the 1st floor. It's out of stock over here *then proceeds to walk past them a little arrogantly cos I was annoyed lol, & made my way to the escalator*

I came back downstairs and..

Chinese auntie: 我以为她是马来人 *points again while the other giggled & covered her mouth*

Why must she repeat herself so many times ah? Other customers were looking at me, at US, so I wanted to quickly get this done & over with. I wanted her outta my sight. What is this about? Public humiliation? But of course I didn't say anything back, I am working after all. I stayed calm & figured that I can rant all I want later when they're gone.


Not really, apparently. Bcos, okay here comes the “main character”. The person behind why I'm blogging this now. It's not entirely about that Chinese auntie but rather some self-righteous woman whom I don't even know or will ever bother to know. Her name is Shawn Wong. Yep, IT'S a she, w the name Shawn. Geddit? You don't? Lol me neither.

What happened was I posted a FB status.


Yeah, I know I wasn't nice. But it was purely out of irritant.


Shawn's itchy hands decided to comment out of the blue. I don't even know she exists :O This woman is not on my FB friends list so may I know what were you doing there, Mrs Cray Cray? & well, offense taken of course. I don't want to know about yr life story, why compare you & I? Every individual is different & handle certain things differently. You're old enough to know that.

And even if I was wrong, mind your own business.



When she has ntg else to say, she attempts to provoke me about the way I type haha. Why are you trying so hard to get at me? What have I ever done to you? :( Thanks for calling me pretty though ;) & besides, the things you said about me actually reflects back on yrself :/ Me? Rude? So are you.


& then, Mrs Cray Cray decided to block me. Shame. You came along & opened yr big mouth, said whatever you felt like, then hide? Suits you. Just a little advice though; you're a mother already, act like one. Lol. When people are self-righteous, they aren't getting their sense of righteousness from themselves. They're getting it from other people. Which makes them soo annoying.

Why not leave me be & keep things to yrself? Why choose to start an argument w a young girl whose life has ntg to do w you?

So, since you called me brainless, hilarious, & a bimbo,

Look who's funny?

Oh. No wonder..

My status wasn't aimed at you & you obviously know it. You're not a judge whatsoever, why go around other people's FB posting your “teachings”? Nobody cares lah (^__^)v Oh, & thanks for being a small entertainment. Good clown, clever clown, it was fun while it lasted lol. Good riddance!

How to Get Super Long Hair

Finally, the long awaited post by some. I'm gna answer one of my most frequently asked question, “How to get not just long hair, but super long hair?”

I'll tell you everything I know based on true experience since I have super long hair myself all my life. Not really, I had shoulder length hair ONCE but we'll get to that shortly.

Stuff below that I'm about to write are not methods whatsoever, just my own ways on how I grow out & take care of my hair. Lol. Hope you enjoy ;D If you think I shud add anything in please leave a comment or go to my Ask.FM (^__-)


How to get super long hair?

If you want it fast, the obvious answer is of course, extensions. I've had extensions. Those clip-in type. Wore them for about a year after stupidly cutting shoulder length for the very first time in 18 years bcos the bottoms of my hair was terribly damaged due to too much bleaching & coloring. Didn't like the way I looked therefore, extensions. Bought them @ Ying Collection, Sungei Wang @ RM200 (4 pcs).

For natural instead, I know you're expecting me to introduce a product or something of that sort but no, I didn't use anything :/ All I did was wait & not cut. Yes, DON'T CUT. Don't even trim, unless it's just a teeny tiny bit to keep yr hair in shape. Otherwise, don't! I know there's this nonsense saying which goes like if you trim or cut yr hair regularly, yr hair will grow faster. No freaking way. Now THAT is the reason why your hair never seem to get really long.

I'm not sure if the “magic” that they claim to have in certain products works cos I've never tried. It took me 2 years of patience to grow out my short hair (the back of it couldn't even touch the collar, it was like a modern bob style). Well it's not in my genetics for fast hair growth either (T﹏T)

Those 2 years slowly crawled by. You can't imagine all the extra time & trouble I put myself through to put on my extensions everyday before I leave the house for the first year & it only managed to grow till my chest. 2nd full year, finally reached my waist (!!!) Ever since then, no more short hair for me. No matter what.

Ahh, I lost my one & only picture that I have of my short hair :( So I cannot show you my “before”. It's supposingly on my FB, guess I deleted it. I'll try to show you whatever I have *takes a deep breath bcos I hate my old photos*


A little over half a year (without extensions)


W extensions. Ikr, I used to be such an ah lian (-__-;)


Then I dyed blonde. My old favorite omg. Lucky for me my light brown extensions can still blend in. Having ombre hair before it was mainstream lol. So does that make me a hipster??

*cough cough* I need to hide my face nao.


Decided to dye dark brown, very close to black & leave it be while waiting for it to grow long. I was lazy to go for frequent hair touchups that's y haha.


Eventually faded to light brown, probably due to previous high percentage bleach.


This was at like, almost 2 years alrdy.


& finally, after 2 whole years & a couple of months. I don't ever wna relive those moments again.

How often do you need a treatment for hair this long?

Believe it or not I only go for treatment 3 times a year (T__T) My poor hair, it must be crying out loud lol. I don't ever comb it too, cos combing only breaks my hair & pull some off my roots every time I do, which hurts. I'm surprised by how my hair is still on my head wtf *touch wood*

Is it difficult to take care?

It IS troublesome, but I'm very used to it alrdy. I shampoo & condition my hair everyday without fail. Then I'll have to blow dry it, which takes forever for hair this long. It's very time consuming to prepare to go anywhr at all. I don't ever have to style it though, lucky for me cos my hair is naturally straight. I never had any straightening or rebonding done. & what a miracle, for I don't have split ends.

Is the maintenance high?

The bad thing however, is that I can finish up a tube of conditioner in like, 9 days average (T__T) You won't wna know how many tubes of conditioner my mom bought to put at home. She buys them in a bulk so she doesn't have to purposely go to the pharmacy/grocers that often *guilty*

I used to use brands like L'Oréal Kérastase & Shiseido Tsubaki now changed to Sunsilk, cos I use way too much shampoo & conditioner. They're finishing so quickly like I keep spamming & L'Oréal and Shiseido are expensive for me to use like water. But I have to! Without conditioner, my hair will tangle all up & get so very dry it makes me moody & frustrated >:(

Plus if you have colored hair, you have to keep going for touchups at least once in two months. But this applies for all hair lengths so it doesn't really count ;/

& if yr hair gets dry or frizzy easily, split ends etc then you'd have to go for regular treatment. I think for such unpampered hair like mine the condition is alright, still soft & silky looking (@[email protected];)

How often do you go for a trim?

Four months once. I still have that mm seh tak feeling whenever I have to trim for the sake of shaping it. Probably a phobia attack hahah. First cut is the deepest yo.
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