How I spent National Day

Note: This post's pics are all very dark cos they are mostly taken by the iPhone's front cam, no flash. I didn't bring my camera out.

Okayy, I duwanna act all patriotic cos I'm not but I did celebrate Merdeka eve with the bunch :) On that day, after class, I went to Yu Kee bkt for dinner with baby sis Mabel. We ate out cos mom was overseas. It was very strange, we were unsure of what to order or how to order. This's what happens when two bimbos hang out together I guess, everyone always say so (~_~;) We even debated cos I wanted the soup one & she wanted the dry one. So we ended up ordering a pot each which I said confirm we cannot finish but she insisted anyways. I was obviously right, we dapao the leftovers to give to the stray cats behind our house wtf.

Then I got a call from Dave asking if I wanted to head to Scott Garden for drinks w/ Des & JY. Said okay, told Mabel to come along & invite Jack, Seng Loh and others. After a few mins, Wei Kit called & asked me to the same place, w/ Jeff & Edison. Super ngam then all go in one group lolol. & as silly as we can be, we didn't make any reservation or booking since it was so last minute. Got home, changed & reached thr to see the place swarming with humans. Our first choice was Beer Factory then Movida but both were full. Restroom club was alright too but somehow I don't like the seatings, wonder why.

Waited for some time then finally found three tables @ Beer Fact, pheww. Pictures taim! (^_−)-☆

Meet Seng Loh. He is the most hyperactive guy I've ever met in my life so far. He disturbs literally everybody. Very friendly person, sometimes overrr friendly lol.

Sadly I don't have anymore taken alrdy!! ): People were busy throwing confetti, counting down the time, blowing whistles & all, I completely never thought of camwhoring hahah. Then we played lots of drinking games, had a great time! ;D It was about 2am when someone randomly said let's go to Genting!! So, being the spontaneous us, up we went without thinking twice. I was lucky that Dave brought an extra jacket, otherwise I'd freeze to the max. It was a super cold night, & very misty. So misty till you can't see anything.

Just imagine snapping a pic of Highlands Hotel from outside. This is the result.

BRRR, freezinggg!

See! Sho mistyy. Idk why I made that face hahahaha.


With Dave-kun!


Take 2.

Someone ban yeng here lol. OKIE, END.
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