Useless update of the week

Ohai, I am back! After 11 long days (@[email protected];) And noo I definitely have not ditched my beloved blog, it's just that I've been very occupied lately. This's gna be oh so RANDOM.

It's the 3rd week & counting since I successfully ate one meal everyday or sometimes half a meal if my appetite's playing with me. But today, I'm feeling hungry like a monsta. Today, my appetite is back all of a sudden & I wna eat everything yummy possible!! Or maybe I'm saying this only bcos I haven't had any food since I woke up till now :/

What am I turning into? My tummy is 100% flat now even when I sit down. But idk why my weight can never go below 39.5kgs like how it did 2 years ago? So unfairrr!

Nihon Kai's salmon butteryaki set with miso soup, dessert, & butter rice *faints all over*

Soft shell crab roll. I'm allergic to seafood yet I can ignore cos it's that good ♥ @ Nihon Kai.

Strongbow, apple flavored beer. One of my absolute favorites.

Baked fish pasta @ Vivo. CHEESE.

Ikea meatballs.

Mami's homecook spaghetti bolognese!

Starbucks' kinda-new Chocolate Tuxedo.

Virgin strawberry daiquiri @ Tony Roma's. Sweet!

Chocolate martini @ Tony Roma's as well. Strong alcohol, super love this! ♥

Huge & fat bottle of Yakult from Hong Kong. Unavailable in Malaysia. Missing it alrdy (T^T)

My treats! Famous Amos' butterscotch cookies & lollipop.

Smoked salmon angelhair @ Delicious.

Red velvet cupcake as dessert. @ Delicious.


Ribeye steak. @ Roma's.


Fillet medallion & grilled salmon. Yums! @ Roma's.


Brownies with ice cream @ Roma's.


Gelaré Cafe's waffles.


They look so yummyyy! But those are some of what I have been eating months ago. Like very happy right? Everyday enjoy good food like nobody's business. Everyday wake up think wna go whr to eat, what to drink, what sweet dessert I was craving for at that moment.

& THIS, below, is my current reality. A whole 360 degree turn, oh myy! (I'm obviously gna show a few w food only lah, not eating nice food wna camwhore so much for?!!)


Me & my dinner. A bread.


Blueberry cheese tart! Eat half cannot finish dy (−_−;) Lunch.

Love my legs. Be smaller & slimmer please?


Be gentle all the time.

Posting this one up too cos someone once commented that I look like I am crying so yea, just to suit my mood/emotions now hahaha. I haven't been so good lately but you know what? Ich will leben. I have been having gastric so often that it pisses me off. My health is totally damaged to the max. & I am forcing myself to take a break from alcohol for at least a week *crosses fingers* Geli alrdy.
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