Life is not what it seems

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Paradise is not what you want it to be.

3.30AM & it's a sleepless night for me so I'm gna be random here :) I'm feeling quite excited cos I'll be taking Japanese language lessons starting this Thursday @ ICLS! ;D People asked me why of all languages I chose Japanese & how come the sudden urge to actually go and learn? I don't know either, I just think it'll be fun & what's bad about being able to speak, read, and write another language? Plus I have free time so I don't see why not! I'm sick of slacking around doing absolutely nth productive. I also really like French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German & Romanian. But I think it'll be really hard, one step at a time okie :b

Surprisingly my dad didn't say a word, I really thought he'd tell me not to & that it'd only be a waste of time. Since young, whenever I wna take up anything for example musical instruments, ice skating & more, mom would say yes & support me 100% but dad always suggested otherwise. In my 21 years of life I only managed to learn swimming & went to art class but it was until halfway every time he stopped me. Till now I don't have a talent which is pretty upsetting :( So yea I'm very happy that this is actually gna happen. I guess he's also tired of me doing nth everyday since I took a break from work. But I will be resuming on the 20th this month! I am getting back on my feet again, getting back on track, leaving the unnecessary stuff behind.

To those who STILL care about me, thanks. & to those who chose to give up, I'll just have to erase you from my life. Cos people who judge don't matter & those who matter don't judge ;) Proper update soon!
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