Brand New Start

I deleted all my previous posts. Heart pain but the title explains it all.. I want a brand new start *\(^o^)/* The header is just temporary though, till I can find better pictures since I'm so lousy at editing. & don't ask why I suddenly become triplets lol. As if one of me is not enough trouble. Let's start off with an introduction, shall we? No I don't think so cos I'm quite bad at introducing myself why am I talking to myself (~_~;) *pokerface.jpg* Hmm anyways, I haven't been doing much lately. Very unproductive & too relaxed. Dived deep into my comfort zone & it's so hard to get out now. Somebody pinch me & wake me from daydreaming please!

Been having some problems the past few months which made me realize many things. I was so blind. Blinded by unrealistic thoughts & expectations. It's my fault for not listening to everyone's advice, which was supposed to be for my own good. This has taught me a huge lesson that will apply for the rest of my life. Next time I will think twice, three times, four, before I do something. Especially if it's a big decision. I won't be like my old self anymore. All my life I do things without considering the consequences or doing any research beforehand. Whatever happens next, happens, just go with the flow. Which is really stupid lor, I've NO idea why I think that way! So when I finally fall, that's when it hurts badly & cuts me deep then I start to realize.. that sometimes, don't ask too much. Be contented.

I wish I could turn back & undo what I've done but I believe that everything happens for a reason. So I would try my best to stay positive somehow :D People make mistakes. It's all about learning & growing up and getting back on yr feet again. I mean, I know that I'll overcome this & look back someday laughing at how silly I was. & I am very thankful knowing that I've got people that loves me go through ups & downs with me. They still stayed by my side through hardships. So thankful ♥

Almost 5AM, phew! Gna jump in my pink Hello Kitty sheets nao! Comfy comfyy. Nights world ;)
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  1. I felt the same way babe. Last paragraph was exactly what is written in my mind. There are much more to life and we need to appreciate! <3