Mon Chaang Thai Tea @ Sunway Pyramid

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Fans of Thai tea, there's a new place just fr you! :)

Mon Chaang had just recently open in AEON @ Sunway Pyramid, originated from Thailand itself & they are serving delicious tea of many variants at super affordable prices everyday!

Quality is actually really good, their tea is thick & creamy. I honestly dislike diluted drinks very much. Had a few bad experiences here & thr w diluted drinks that I felt wasn't worth my money but here at Mon Chaang, you can be assured that'll not happen. In fact, their beverages are so flavorful that you gotta wait fr the ice to melt a bit if you don't enjoy drinks that are too sweet but fret not! You can always request fr less sugar, & they'll substitute w more tea fr you! :)

Made of aromatic tealeaves imported from Thailand itself, the drinks do have a special taste in them. 1. Thai Milk Red Tea (their bestseller), 2. Thai Milk Green Tea, 3. Thai Milk Rose Tea, 7. Thai Milk Tea & Coffee (Cham), 13. Thai Lime Red Tea, 14. Thai Lime Green Tea.

My favorite is 2. Thai Milk Green Tea. Personally liking the 7. Thai Milk Tea & Coffee (Cham) as well. The Lime series tasted peculiar at first, probably cos I've never mixed these kinda tea w lime before but was pretty refreshing. Didn't get to try the Lime Rose Tea this time around, but looking forward to on my next stop~

Assorted imported snacks that you can grab as a combo set to enjoy yr drink with! (^__^)

One of the key ingredients to their tasty milk tea beverages is condensed milk! You can opt fr the hot drinks too btw.

Don't forget to drop by & give em a try! ;) They are located @ Floor LG2 inside AEON, Sunway Pyramid whilst their first branch is in Menara Citibank, Jalan Ampang.

Mon Chaang Facebook:
Mon Chaang Instagram:

Nothing Else Matters

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Happy New Year!

Celebrated w the important ones. Heart you all (。♥‿♥。)

It's very clear to me what I wanto achieve in 2018. Feeling that this year would be a great year. Positive vibes only. がんばて~


+ a little #throwback to Xmas w my baby N. First couple tee ever, hehe.


Christmas Shopping @ Organique by Olinda Spring Pop-up Store

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❄❅❄ Merry Christmas in advance, loves! ❄❅❄

One of the beautiful festives that people look forward to every year, including myself. Everything is just way prettier & nt to mention more cheerful. How's yr Xmas shopping doing so far? ;)

During this jolly season, most who celebrate enjoy gift exchange & Secret Santa parties. You also make it an excuse to shop fr yrself without as much guilt lol but that's the way it is I guess; every year end season :x Heh. I've alrdy ordered myself a Xmas present ytd (a sweater that I've wanted fr a long time) & am currently waiting fr it to arrive, super excited abt it! Hopefully thr's stock too, else I gotta wait till the following month or so~

Besides that, I also decided to pamper my skin w smtg nourishing & beneficial, by none other than Organique Skincare! Organique contains the famous natural Olinda Spring Water from Victoria, Australia. Australia is home to some of the most diverse & pristine natural environments. The landscapes provide a source fr the purest water on earth w an array of botanicals which contain unique properties that are ideal for one's skin.

Sounds good alrdy, no? :b I was at their pop-up store in Empire Shopping Gallery (G Floor) & got myself the beautiful "Lavender Lover" set. One of my fav scents of all time ♥ Thr's just smtg so comforting bout the lavender aroma.


Organique is now having a holiday promo ON ALL ITEMS fr yr loved ones @ 20% off!

You can get yr very own (they have various types to cater to yr choice, of course!) on their website (key-in PROMO CODE: XMAS20) or at any of their 2 pop-up stores located at -

1. MyTown Shopping Centre, Cheras (until 1 Jan 2018)
2. Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya (until 21 Dec 2017)

The year end season also screams SALE! literally everywhr (。♥‿♥。)

Fr as affordable as RM70, you can purchase the Lavender Hand & Body Gift Set (original price RM88).

Mandatory selfie, lol. It's weird to see how mature I've become it's beginning to scare me :x

So I went home & tried the lavender set consisting of 2 tubes; 1 hand cream & 1 body cream. Would you mind taking a look at the packaging? It's so simple & clean yet gorgeous. Great idea fr gift giving! ♥

Organique Lavender Hand Cream (75ml)

First expression was that this cream is so rich but lightweight at the same time. You may test it at their roadshows to understand what I mean :3 This 75ml tube is packed w lavender essential oil which is said to deeply moisturise & restore smoothness of yr hands, whilst help reduce small wrinkles & dark spots. Extremely perfect fr dry skin & packaging wise pretty easy to pop into yr handbag to bring along w you too.

After smoothing it out a bit. So much lavender goodness! You can also expect a pleasant floral scent that's quite strong but becomes more mild in time. I also realize that it absorbs quickly & the stickyness does go away really fast too, which I'm actually glad abt since I wear accessories on a daily basis.

@ RM39 (before 20% discount) I think this product is really value fr money as you get quite a large amount that can last you fr months & months.

Key ingredients & their benefits:
  • Olindum Complex - fuses natural Olinda Spring water & Lily extracts to deliver anti-oxidants & trace minerals that effectively repair, revilatise, soothe & protect the skin.
  • Lavender Oil - not only deep moisturises the skin, but also helps smooth wrinkles, scars, & dark spots.
  • Macadamia Nut Oil & Shea Butter - both know skin lipid barrier builders. Provide essential nutrients & trace elements that help moisturise & protect the skin producing a healthier more robust skin appearance.
  • Aloe Vera & Licorice Root - extracts, helps calm & smooth the skin. Ideal for sensitive types.

Organique Lavender Body Cream (200ml)

This luxurious body cream feels a lot thicker in comparison w the hand cream. Also rich in lavender essential oil & benefits you in the same way as the hand cream, except that this one is made especially fr body use. In addition, it is said to be good fr smoothing out scars. I'm gna give this a go on my scars since I have several of them & hope fr good results :D

Feeling so pampered alrdy :b Especially loving the aroma. Absorbs fast too but the stickyness goes off slower compared to the hand cream. So if I were to use this body cream, I gotta wait abt 5 mins+ before putting on my accessories/clothes.

@ only RM59 (before 20% discount omg) I'm gna say again that Organique stuff are really value fr money considering the amount given + their all natural ingredients used fr yr health & beauty benefits *thumbs up*

Key ingredients & their benefits:
  • Olindum Complex - fuses natural Olinda Spring water & Lily extracts to deliver anti-oxidants & trace minerals that effectively repair, revilatise, soothe & protect the skin.
  • Lavender Oil - not only deep moisturises the skin, but also helps smooth wrinkles, scars, & dark spots.
  • Macadamia Nut Oil & Shea Butter - both know skin lipid barrier builders. Provide essential nutrients & trace elements that help moisturise & protect the skin producing a healthier more robust skin appearance.
  • Aloe Vera & Chamomilla - extracts, helps calm & smooth the skin. Ideal for sensitive types.

#ootd fr Christmas shopping (^__^)

Faux leather jacket - X
White tube top - MNG
Faux leather high waist shorts - H&M
Patent platform wedges - Vincci
Black x gold hardware Nano Luggage Tote - Céline (removed shoulder strap)


I've gt my set of skincare from Organique, what are you waiting fr? *smirk* Hint hint... They have rose, avocado, honey, & more, you gotta check them out!

For more info

Join me on my FB Live video by adding me on FB to get first-hand notifications as I will be giving away a total of 5 Rose Hydrating Mist (15ml) as Christmas presents to 5 winners! Just answer one simple question in the comments section & the product will be delivered to yr doorstep. It's that easy! :) Don't miss the chance & good luck~ ♥

We Had Fire In Our Eyes, In the Beginning

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Haven't updated in like.. 2 months :/ Gosh, I miss my blog. During my inactivity, I tried to find myself. Progress? Finally realized smtg today. Actually realized it last month but this time it hit me even harder. I don't have to find myself, I just gotta change fr the better. Else I will never be happy.

Just last month, I lost both my grandfather & my aunt. Till nw we're all still in disbelief.


I am stubborn, I am childish, I am not contented.

I admit all my flaws & I am well aware of em. But it's not easy to change being like this fr almost 27 years now. I just hope people understand me. I hope people are patient w me & have kind hearts towards me. I know someday somehow I can do it. I just need time.

I know I can find my smile back. Just give me some time.


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Yesterday was a tiring yet happy day :3 Cos I finally got to meetup w my bb Nanaaa (@ Pavilion x Starhill), after so many months of nt seeing her T___T

Exhausting cos my sleeping pattern has been weird lately. I wake up every few hrs automatically *rolls eyes* It's like thr's so much on my mind? I guess. Hoping this strange "routine" will leave ASAP...

& my eyes were red/semi swollen, gg. She looks better than ever tho! (♥‿♥ ) Didn't manage to do a lot although we had everything planned out lol. We were too bloated even fr smtg as normal as dessert & coffee. Ate too much @ Suki-Ya (Jap buffet) :x Nt rly that much actually but our appetites are small so... we just went shopping all the way kinda, then drinks after. I was alcohol-free tho, instead I drank vitamin water ;) The world has changed. Lol. Trying to cut down on alco means.

No choice ;/ 1) Priorites, 2) Skin condition getting really bad, it's never been like this before sigh. You've no idea how much water I spammed today lol.

Few things on my "new" #wishlist btw hmmm~ *thinking emoji* One of em being..

This (♥‿♥ ) Diorama WOC in silver-tone metallic perforated calfskin leather w micro-cannage motif. Phew, that's long lol. I'm in love love love. It's time I get a small bag/clutch thingy. Planning to buy it this month. Musttt! & yep, that's my new Samsung S8+ ♥♥ I chose black. Adore the phone lots :)

Looking forward to our next meetup, let's not drift apart pleaseee.


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Even beautiful wildflowers are considered weeds in the wrong garden,
don't worry bout what people think of you

New Americana

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#onrepeat on this night, 0340.

Cigarettes & tiny liquor bottles, just what you'd expect inside her new Balenciaga ♥

38% Discount Off Tealive Via 8excite Super Deals

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Tonight I'm here again to let you guys know bout my own personal experience using the 8excite app & website :) Which is super easy to use btw, & extremely self explanatory.

If you've read my posts here & here, you'd alrdy know what 8excite is all abt. It's a platform that lets you shop fr vouchers at majorly slashed prices, discounted up till 99% :O Fr lots of restaurants, cafes, spas, hair salons, beauty salons, cinemas, prepaid topups, groceries, car detailing, gyms, even theme parks & more. You name it! Thr's definitely smtg for everyone :O

I picked Tealive cos it's been sometime since I last drank my fav Roasted Milk Tea addon those chewy yummy pearls :)

Email received indicating that my purchase is successful & that my voucher will be in my 8excite account via the mobile app.

Arrived Tealive @ Paradigm Mall.

Super casual #ootd fr the day;
Basic black tee - Topshop
Ripped denim shorts - X
Belt - Louis Vuitton
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelet - Hermes
Bag - Chanel

Credits to my lil bro Lim Zheng fr taking this pic. He's great @ taking photos, nt much training needed hahaha. Just a few simple directions & he managed to snap a good one alrdy. & yep, he accompanied me thr :)

RM0?! Here's how! Trust me, it's really simple.

1. Go to the 8excite website/download the 8excite mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.
2. Type Tealive in the search bar.
3. Click 'Buy Now'.
4. Select yr payment method, then click 'Pay Now'.
5. Open yr 8excite mobile app & press 'Vouchers' at the bottom, then 'My Vouchers'.
6. Press on yr Tealive voucher but DO NOT click redeem. Instead, go to a Tealive outlet of yr choice & let the cashier scan the QR Code & redeem it fr you.
7. Enjoy yr purchase!

Mhmm, that's it! So Lim paid RM2 (instead of RM3 bcos he had 100 EP in his account, will explain more below) fr a RM6.50 value worth of drink (he ordered a regular Sparkling Lychee w 3Q Jelly). 53% off ;) If you have EP (Excite Points), even better! You can pay fr what you want w EP.

Basically -

Spend more = earn EP, enjoy more amazing savings & rewards from 8excite! 100 EP (RM1). So if you have 300 EP fr example = Yr Tealive drink is free. Catch the drift? You can also redeem discount vouchers fr hotel buffets & whatnot w EP.

How to earn easy EP? Get yr friends/followers to sign up on 8excite using yr referral code & you are automatically entitled to 100 EP extra per person. Dayum.

You get 100 EP yrself too upon signing up of course. So check them out now! :) My referral code is UTH72T8 if you wish to use it. Happy shopping, people! ♥

8 Great Reasons To Celebrate @ 8excite!

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Hi lovelies!

I have smtg great to share w everyone ;) It's happening TODAY & ONLY TODAY! Don't miss out! And what's so special about today you wonder? It's 8excite Celebr8 8th promotion!

88 Deals @ only 100 EP = RM1. WHAT? RM1? All purchases made on THIS day (8/8/17) will be greatly rewarded w 8x Excite Points (EP)! Also, lotsa freebies will be given away! You get to stand a chance to take away 2x Jay Chou concert tickets, travel to Bali deal, TGV movie tickets absolutely free, & many more :O

Don't wait, start collecting Excite Points! 8excite is offering lotsa Freebies & Deals as cheap as mentioned, RM1, TODAY!

The total spending must be ONLY on 8/8/17 12AM~11:59PM. Promotion Freebies for those who fulfill the required amount of spending listed as follows:

Grab these 8exciting deals at: 8excite's website now!

Also, you can use my referral code UTH72T8 to enjoy extra 100 EP upon signing up :)

I'll be back again this week w an update on my own personal experience using 8excite. See y'all lovelies soon ♥ Mwah mwah, x.

Up To 99% Discounts Off?! Only @ 8excite!

8excite is a site/mobile app that offers you discounts up to 99%! You can search/browse through the Hot Deals & save money on the stuff you love; from a pretty fair variety of categories like Beauty & Wellness, Food & Beverages, Leisure & Services, and last but nt least, Shopping!

Why pay the original price when you can get it fr less in just a few clicks, right? :O

Basically, what you do is;

Download the 8excite app > you see a discount deal that you like > click "Buy Now" > enjoy what you bought > earn points > convert points into discount vouchers to indulge again. #totallyworthit :O

Simple & straight forward.

100 Excite Points will be automatically awarded into your account upon successful sign up. Not just that! You get to EARN Excite Points for every voucher purchased on 8excite. What can you do with Excite Points? You REDEEM vouchers of yr choice using these Excite Points. Yep, you get to choose whichever you want/suits you best. Win win situation *smirk*

Discover great offers, promotions & experiences around at restaurants, beauty salons, spas, gyms, entertainment venues, stores & more while saving on yr spending ;)

Who could say no to up to 99% discount off? All you have to do is just download the 8excite app!

Then you'll get to enjoy different cuisines of food plus hotel buffets (it's been a long time since I've been to one, it's abt time!) & nt forgetting to mention that you'll get to pamper yrselves by going fr the Beauty & Wellness option; which is to get yrselves a mani-pedi, massage, spa, & even hair removal. All at major SLASHED prices!

I'm in dire need of a bottle of juice right nw to balance up w my current unhealthy lifestyle ;/ Gotta go get one via 8excite as soon as I get outta the house & into a shopping mall again *cold sweat*

I know many people that are crazy fr these Hong Kong traditional egg waffles, the queue is forever omgahh. 50% off only RM2!! Don't say I didn't share the info :b

These are some of 8excite's exclusive partners. Other of their participating merchants are Pullman Hotel, Sunway Lagoon, Legoland & the list goes on.

Fr more info, you can check out 8excite's website & like their Facebook page to get the latest updates!

Oh & before I sign off, thr's another way to easily earn points which is to refer yr friends to download the app & use yr referral code when signing up. Both parties will get those points! Awesome or what? :D Here's my code if you want to get more points to redeem vouchers: UTH72T8

8excite is calling all food truck owners to be part of Sukan SEA / SEA GAMES 2017! 11 participating nations, 405 events, 38 sports & 85,000 tickets sold! It is a 12-days event from 19 Aug – 30 Aug 2017 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. For those who are interested, you may reach them at 016-8613983 or 017-7517800!

I'll update again w my experience using the 8excite app/dining in/etc soon. See you then! *kisses* x
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